Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Still Here


Just wanted to let everybody know that I'm not sick and I'm not dead, just processing, I think. For whatever reason, I'm just kind of over tired and in a sort of withdrawal at the moment. I think it's almost over, but not quite. Mostly I'm wandering around in a cyber kingdom slaying dragons and other monsters. Terrible to be this way when there are so many things to be opinionated about, but such is life. Gays will still be struggling to get married an serve their country when I come out of this funk. The people of Iran will still be in foment and their maniac leadership will still be saying crazy things. Republicans will still annoy me. Scare mongering about health care will still be going on. Republicans will continue to oppose Sotomayor not on any real principle other than that she was nominated by a Democrat. I fear there will still be 24/7 speculation about poor Michael Jackson whom even death can't protect from hyperbole and rumor mongering and distorted reporting. And on and on. I will have a lot of pent-up opinions to spew when I come out of my cave.

I did get myself to watch Benjamin Button last night. Suprisingly good. Discovered that if I push my comfortable "new" chair back against the wall it can't rock so much and screwed my courage to the sticking place and sat in it. Getting up was a bit rough but do-able. Yippee!

Tiny movement on the renovations front. Signed and returned the contract from Delaware Oppportunities. One day soon (hopefully) there will be walkthroughs with contractors, bids, and then magical transformations.

There hasn't been much sunshine here but here are a few pictures through my now filthy - we've gone way past dirty - windows.

My apologies for vanishing, for not visiting anybody much, for being in a funk. See you Friday for Wordzzles for sure.


Kim said...

Hope you are over it soon...I'm sure the nonstop rain and lack of sun has a LOT to do with it!!! My weeds now have weeds!

Darryl and Devon are in West Virginia and Kate is now house-sitting for the for the next five days, I'm hanging out with the four-leggeds and cleaning, mopping, rearranging, dusting...I know, I know...way more fun than one person should have, right? But it's the least I can do, since I'm not working this summer, while my poor husband works TWO jobs!

Hope it's sunny down there for you soon and I'm still looking forward to being able to visit you this summer!

SouthLakesMom said...

Love the chipmunk in the foot up position. Just keep counting your will drive the demons crazy! We'll be here when you get back.

gabrielle said...

Somehow sensed you were off slaying your own dragons (wrestling with demons) "screwed my courage to the sticking place and sat in it" Hooray!
The buds hold such promise...

Carletta said...

Yeah, you're back!
Love little 'Chippy' and the orange daylily is like one I just took outside after the rain.
From your list of what will still be here I can tell that even though you haven't been writing you have kept up and are thinking.
We rented Benjamin Button last week. I liked it; but it was Brad Pitt so I might not be so objective. ;)

Janie Blagg said...

Hang in there, Raven. We'll be here when you return.

Akelamalu said...

Great photos Raven. No need for apologies you just come back when you're good and ready m'dear. :)

San said...

We saw Benjamin Button recently too. You're right. It was good, and after reading some of the critic's opinions, I wasn't expecting good. A sweet film. Now I want to read the Fitzgerald story that inspired it.

Go easy on yourself. And thank you for these glorious photographs. What dirty windows?

Sue said...

There's no time limit on processing emotions, it takes as long as it takes. Your brother's death brought a lot of things to the fore that you need to work through. We're just glad you've surfaced for a breath.