Friday, March 05, 2010

Saturday Wordzzle Challenge, Week 102

This is week 102 of the Saturday Wordzzle Challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer back here to find out how it works. My list of mistake this week is overwhelming. SOOO sorry. Am I wrong or was pregnant on our list recently I try not to repeat words and phrases but sometimes I slip up. Sorry. Sorry too about food cream... and the fact that unlike a couple of weeks ago when there were 9 words, this time there are apparently 11. Agggghhhh! I have no idea what food cream is, how it got there, or what I was thinking. Probably meant whipped cream. And I spelled Hershey wrong. Clearly it wasn't a good week here in Hancock. Maybe they should start preparing my room at "the Home."

Participation seems to have dropped off significantly of late but I plan to keep going for a while and reassess the situation at some point down the line. I would like some feedback from everyone about taking "Saturday" out of the equation since quite a few folks are having trouble making the Saturday deadline. It never really was a deadline in my mind, it's just back when I started the Wordzzle Challenge, I was posting daily or close to daily and so I picked Saturday for this challenge. If people would prefer it, we can change it (except for the logo which I'm too lazy at the moment to revise) to the WEEKLY wordzzle challenge and people can just post whenever they are ready. I'd still post mine on Friday evening as I've been doing. Let me know what you think.

This week's words were: smoothness, sugar daddy, page, Copernicus, liquid, craggy, trapezoid, milquetoast, blizzard, food cream, dental problems For the mini: Hershey kisses, pregnant, scarring, cadet, grist mill

My mini:

Cadet Wanda Walker sat on her bunk and cried. She couldn't believe she was pregnant. How had this happened? One romantic dinner at the Grist Mill Inn with Max and her career was ruined. She had been worried by the occasional bouts of nausea but when she started craving Hershey Kisses, she knew... Now she would have to leave the army, the career that she loved. She knew that she carried deep emotional scarring from her own childhood as an army brat and she would not let that happen to her baby girl (she knew somehow that she was having a girl). She didn't know how Steve would feel about things, but she guessed she had to tell him. With or without him, though, this child would be loved and have a stable safe life. She would make sure of it.

The mega:

What on earth is food cream??? Who made up these words? Didn't she proof read? I have no idea what I was thinking... obviously I WASN'T thinking. The grist mill of my brain had ground to a halt, wasn't functioning... major snafu. Sigh. Anyway... here's a bit of nonsense with for the rest of the words (which were also pretty awful). I wish I had a sugar daddy named Copernicus Trapezoid Jones. He'd have a craggy, handsome features, beautiful liquid brown eyes you could drown in, an urbane smoothness (not creepy or fake, just a natural easy charm), a wry but gentle wit, and piles of money. No dental problems, no major scarring (though I really don't care about that a bit... just have to get rid of the word). A gorgeous smile. We'd be on the same page politically. He wouldn't be a milquetoast, but he'd be agreeable. I'd win most of our arguments because he'd be persuaded by my thoughtful intelligence. Our days would be pregnant with laughter and inspiration. We'd write books together. On those days when I'm down or feeling like a space cadet, he'd hold my hand and see me through. And during Hancock's winter blizzards, we'd snuggle together and sip hot chocolate or nibble Hershey kisses. I'd like that. So Copernicus Jones, if you're out there.... I'm waiting.

The 10-word:

Copernicus Jones was considered by some to be almost too perfect. Men who were jealous called him - erroneously - a Harvey Milquetoast. He never much cared what people thought. Considering how perfect he was, he was remarkably modest and self-effacing. He'd had a trapezoid shaped face, handsome "craggy" features, skin that was reputed to have the smoothness of silk, and huge, liquid brown eyes that positively oozed with intelligence, humor and compassion. He'd never had a dental problem in his life. At age 58, his teeth were still perfect. His smile was reputed to make women swoon. When he had - in a moment of loneliness, because amazingly Copernicus Jones was lonely - listed himself on one of those e-harmony type websites, his email had been overwhelmed with a positive blizzard of responses. He'd had to take down his Facebook page because it too had been overwhelmed with admiring fans and women hoping for a handsome sugar daddy to buy them whatever they fancied. (Yes, Copernicus J was filthy rich too.) He'd responded to one woman because he was curious about her email address which was angelfoodcream@... etc. She had turned out to be a touch crazy and he had given up on the idea of love and companionship. Then last night he'd had a strange dream in which a laughing raven had been calling out his name... When he woke up he had a feeling that maybe there was hope for him yet.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge are: slimy, Pluto, champing at the bit, peaceful, chapter, upright, depression, starfish, matches, channel changer

For the mini: liver spots, pesticide, plaid, unpredictable, upsetting the apple cart

Thanks for playing. For those who are new, here are some guidelines to make the process more fun.

Enjoy! See you next week!



Connie T. said...

I wrote a wordzzle. I had a hard time with these words. I only did the 11 word story.

You are amazing that you can make 3 stories out of these words.

Argent said...

Hahaha, food cream confused me for a minute - I even googled it in case it was some american product I hadn't heard of. You did fine with the words though. I missed out smoothness to make up for 11 words - I just didn't see it in the list I pasted into Word from last week. Smoothness was in last week's list. Anyhoo, have you got Copernicus Jones's contact details yet? I'd really like to meet him...

I'm happy with Saturday or weekly. I hope the challenge does continue though as it's a target for me and is keeping me writing each week. I think people are always going to be busy whichever day, so maybe 'Weekly' is a good idea. Give the words out one day, then we have a week to get the stories in. Please don't stop though, I'm sure we'll get out numbers back soon (fingers crossed).

Argent said...

Jeh, just looked at the list of words at the bottom of last week's Wordzzle and smoothness isn't there - phew! So you did only put up 10 words after all.

Raven said...

Agggh! Smoothness was one of last week's words! Sigh. I'm on a roll (or whatever the opposite of a roll is).

Argent said...

Haha, I think the opposite of a roll would be a llor or maybe a rock. OK, I'll stop now. Next week's words look promising.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

DawnTreader said...

Hi Raven
Sorry, I had to skip this week, just had too many other things going on. The words this week had nothing to do with it, I didn't even look at them until just now! I'm not intending to quit. Often it suits me fine to post and read wordzzles at the weekend.

Stephen said...

I liked your stories, particularly the mega and 10 word ones. You did a good job with Copernicus Trapezoid Jones.

I think Saturday is good as a goal, even if not everyone is able to get their stories done by then. A difficulty in intentionally spreading the stories out is that it would force people to check Mr. Linky day after day to see if anything new was listed. People can say they have their stories done when they visit other sites, but if new sites keep getting added to the list, it may be difficult to keep up. It may be easier to keep the present system, with the checking of Mr. Linky concentrated on the weekend area, with people who are running late (like me), notifying the others through the comments. (I personally am having difficulty visiting many other sites at the moment, because health problems are making it difficult to concentrate on this. There doesn't seem to be a perfect solution, though.)

I'm running very, very late, but I have my stories up now.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Argent said...

Well, even though there's no Wordzzle this week, I'm still posting one. You can view it here.

Don't Feed the Pixies has also done one, you can see his one here.

Argent said...

Well, even though there's no Wordzzle this week, I'm still posting one. You can view it here.

Don't Feed the Pixies has also done one, you can see his one here.