Saturday, December 19, 2009

Health Care

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I'm pretty unhappy with Congress right now. Although there are individuals in both houses who have courage and decency, the majority seem to have sold their votes and the well-being of the American people to special interests. I'm really angry that Lieberman seems to have effectively blocked any form of public option. Expanding Medicare seemed like a great idea to me, less frightening to people than other suggestions up for discussion.

Even though I'm not happy with what's being done - or what I understand is being done from the confusing and self-contradictory reports in the media - I guess I'm of the belief that any step in the direction of reform is better than leaving things as they are. It's all very discouraging. Here's wht the President has to say:


quilly said...

I want all politicians removed from office and replaced by people who will serve for minimum wage. I think that will straighten things out pretty darn fast!

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