Friday, September 07, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 215

Well, I'm late and going to post my wordzzles tomorrow, but it was fun to not be the only player last week. Mabye we are making a come-back.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were:   key, why, balance of power, the motor is running, yesterday, creaky chair, steel, hook, longing, pretzel   And for the mini:  oxen, merchandise, comfort zone, plastic bottle  (Just realized we are a word short on the mini this week, so it's a mini mini, I guess. Sorry.)

4:00 pm.  Finally done. Sorry about being a word short. Well, not really, I had a tough enough time with 14 words...

My mega:

Sitting in her creaky chair at her beat up old desk sipping water from a re-used plastic bottle, Samantha Steel was in her comfort zone. Well, that might be something of a stretch. Samantha didn't actually HAVE a comfort zone. She sometimes ached with longing for those distant yesterdays when the balance of power in her head had tilted towards normalcy. She had spent years trying to find the hook, the key to why her emotional wiring had gone askew, but the answer - and thus a solution - continued to elude her. Eventually, when it because clear that there would be no untwisting of the pretzel of misfiring axions in her brain, no matter how hard she worked at it, she decided to make what peace she could with the person she had become. At least at least the motor is running, she would tell herself, at least I'm alive. Today, though, looking over the merchandise in some new catalog that had come in the mail, she was taken back in time to happier days and fond memories of sitting with friends at the Four Oxen Bar and Grill in lower Manhattan. It would pass, she knew, but just for these few moments she felt rather sorry for herself. Then, with a deep sigh and a shake of her head, she shook it off. At least I have memories and many other blessings. "It is what it is," she said out loud. And then added. "Thank you for everything. I have no complaints whatsoever."

My mini:

Miranda Masters found herself deeply offended by the merchandise offered in the new Comfort Zone Living catalog. "What genius came up with the concept of designer plastic bottles," she muttered angrily. "They cut down trees to market this junk to pretentious fools and then put a picture of oxen on the cover and pretend they are trying to make a better world." Calling her assistant into her office, she handed the catalog over to her and said, "Another one, Margaret. See what you can find out about how much money actually goes to third world countries and how much goes into the pockets of a few greedy crooks. I have a feeling about this one. Lets see if we can put them out of business... or at least make sure they are forced to send the money people waste on this junk to the people the say they are serving.

And my 10-word:  the motor is running,  pretzel 

Jane Hook, her voice quavering with aggravation addressed her husband. "Francis Hook, husband and love of my life, please do something about that creaky chair before I'm forced to take matters into my own hands. That squeaking noise drives me crazy. Fix it or find it gone. That is my warning." "Yes, dear," her husband muttered, although it was clear he was not paying any attention to her words. "Information is the key," he muttered,  "but even though Obama is a great communicator, somehow the word fails to get out there. It gets drowned out in the sea of Republican double-speak Clinton's speech yesterday was brilliant and just deepens my longing for more real information Why can't we have more of that? Why doesn't he get credit for anything? Biden is right when he says the man has a spine of steel. He's also got a brilliant mind and a big heart. I don't know why there is so little recognition of his heart.... just because he doesn't put on a big show about it, I guess. This society is a mess. We are on the brink. We simply have to re-elect him. We are doomed if..."  Kissing the top of her husband's head, Jane Hook, took him by the hand. "You need to think about something else for a while or you'll make yourself sick. I've packed a picnic lunch and the motor is running in the garage. I know that's wicked, darling. I did it because I knew it would have the power to distract your attention from politics. Humor me. Let's go have a picnic, and then maybe stop by the mall for warm pretzel and a new chair for your desk... Oh... and put our Obama bumper sticker on the car.... and got a hundred more for us to pass out on our travels." "You're a good woman, Jane. Let's go pass out some bumper stickers!" "And buy a new chair," his wife reminded him with a smile.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  convention, top, case, bells, frolicking, organic, vice, listening, drenched, distinction

And for the mini:  outrage, ham and cheese, on the road, chief, immediately

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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