Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 216

Late again. Absorbed in politics. Too absorbed. Will probably post my exercises tomorrow. 

6:00 PM - Finally posting. Guess I'm back to being the Lone Wordzzler again. 

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were: convention, top, case, bells, frolicking, organic, vice, listening, drenched, distinction   And for the mini:  outrage, ham and cheese, on the road, chief, immediately

My mega:

Vice President Samantha McGrath quietly savored the delicious ham and cheese omelet which had been brought to her hotel room a few minutes earlier by a lovely young woman who had compensated for the unfortunate distinction of being drenched in some awful perfume, by immediately telling her that she hoped that in another 4 years she could vote for Samantha to be the first female commander in chief. It was a good start to the day. Samantha enjoyed being on the road. Although, she relished the bells and whistles of high office, sometimes the environment of the White House was too stifling and insulated. Being a heart-beat away from the top job in the world was a mix of frustrating, daunting and inspiring. Timothy Hawks - besides being a great man and president - treated her as a true partner. He believed, he had told her, that someone who might one day have to fill his shoes (you never knew, he said), ought to have some idea about how to walk in them. And he had added, he valued both her wisdom and her common sense. He knew, he had told her, that there was a chance he might not live to see the end of his term. Even the mid-21st century, the threats were very real. She wondered if people would ever learn. She felt genuine outrage at the things that were said about him by the opposition. They played on the bigotry of those who - now that they had a gay president - looked back with longing to the days when they were upset about a black one. They accused him of frolicking around the White House and insisted that his sexuality was a threat to national security. One of them had even made the case that he should be impeached for immorality.  But despite all this, she loved politics; it was an organic part of her, like breathing or thinking. The big conventions were soul-nourishing for her. She loved listening to the speeches and talking to citizens from all over the nation, hearing their hopes and concerns. She loved making a difference in this world. Life was good, she thought, and getting better.

My mini:

Miranda's chief outrage while she was on the road was the difficulty of finding decent places to eat. The last time the band had done a concert tour she had been forced to virtually live on ham and cheese sandwiches. She had fired their manager at the end of that trip and had immediately informed his replacement that the longevity of her job would be contingent on her ability to provide real sustenance and NO... not even one... ham and cheese sandwiches. It turned out that in her previous life, Sandra has worked as a chef and could prepare a meal fit for angels. The other band members - who had mocked her obsession with food - were now willing to admit the error of their previous derision. It seemed to all of them like Sandra's food had magic in it. They had more energy, they were getting along better, they were all bursting with creative ideas - and best of all, perhaps - their performances were better. They felt it and so did the audiences. Concerts which had been doing reasonably well in the old days were now booked solid and their CDs were selling like hot cakes. Delicious, nutritious hot cakes, they added, laughing. Samantha was happy too, both for the appreciation of her skills and for the generous raise they had given her along with that gratitude. Not only that, they were going to call their next CD Soul Food Sandy. How cool was that!

My 10-word:

Frolicking across a grassy meadow drenched in dew might not be strictly conventional behavior for a top criminal lawyer, but George had never been in love before. He had taken Molly's case as a favor to his aunt Susan. It was something about whether the organic farm where she was buying her eggs was really organic or something like that. He didn't really quite understand the distinction, to be honestQuite a change from dealing with prostitutes and the vice squad. He could not believe he had fallen so hard. She was so smart and so pretty and listening to her voice was like... like that song from The Music man about bells on the hill and never hearing them ringing.... Back in the house, Aunt Susan poked her sister in the ribs with a big grin on her face. "Didn't I tell you she was perfect for him? I love it when I'm right."


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  holding, retrospect, sniffles, ice, stepped in, falling off a cliff, grab, lavender, breakfast, after-life

And for the mini:  chewing, magnetic, how much is that doggie in the window, more or less, shaving

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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I loved all three stories - especially the gay president. Now THAT would be something!