Monday, October 20, 2008

Unbecoming a Democracy

Is this what our democracy is turning into? This video isn't very good, but it tells its tale. The people screaming are McCain supporters heckling and protesting the votes of early voters in Fayetteville, North Carolina... allegedly because it was a Sunday. Given the prevalence of McCain/Palin signs I would have thought this would be illegal electioneering so close to the polling place. In any case, it's pretty ugly and disgraceful.

I also noticed a report that at least six voters in West Virginia have reported that their votes flipped to the opposing candidate. Everyone should be as vigilant as possible at the polls.

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Carletta said...

Yep, it was in the newspaper today. I'll be watching mine!

Even though it's not a joking matter I saw a joke somewhere today that said it's not about who votes, but who counts the votes. Made me stop and think.