Saturday, October 25, 2008

Very Cool: Obama Tax Calculator

Isn't this nifty?

For more information on the Obama tax cuts, you can check here.


Dr.John said...

Now that's a nice positive reason to vote for Obama.

peppylady said...

Hi, I tagged you for a meme it on my Saturday the 25th post.
And it toward the bottom.

Coffee is on.

Billy said...

Very cool. Thanks for putting this up!

Sue said...

Very nifty -- I just saw the ad on TV about it.

Travis said...

If people are doing their own review of both candidates, instead of listening to the spin and distortions, they would find the things about them that align with their own best interests.

Sadly, some will still vote against their own best interests for the wrong reasons.

My hope is that whichever candidate Americans choose, they have voted based on facts and not misplaced fear.

Quiet Paths said...

I've seen numbers like this already so I know this is pretty accurate. Thank you for posting this!