Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Virtually Obsessed


I've been kind of scarce the past day or so and I thought I'd just say "hi," and explain that in order to cope with my demented election obsession, I have adopted a Virtual Village and am spending time obsessing about that. They are well on their way to self sufficiency at the moment so hopefully I will return shortly. I'm still obsessing about politics but this seems to be keeping me from exploding and that's always a good thing.

It has been very cold here. Yesterday morning I took this picture of show on the mountains. Can you believe it? This morning there was snow on my back porch. Didn't get around to photographing it, though.

Anyway, I'll probably be back tomorrow. Not sure if I'll be ranting about life or politics but I think I'll be back. Meanwhile, I hope those in cold climates are staying warm and those in warm climates are staying cool.


Deborah Godin said...

Oh that's a lovely shot of the mountains! I don't mind the cold - I guess that's because summers here are so humid! - and that dusting of snow is perfect. Okay, I'll stop raving about the cold now...I hope you are nice and warm!!

Dianne said...

it snowed here like crazy yesterday, didn't stick for long but wow was that early

a virtual village?

peppylady said...

Sure is pretty by your picture.

I figure it your blog and anyone who has a blog have the right to post anything at anytime.

I'm posting something political tomorrow. Like I own my blog and I can do what I like.
Don't have to answer to anyone.

Coffee is on.

Carletta said...

Love the shot of the snow! We were supposed to get some and didn't.
Love the white branches on the left.
Stay warm and hope to see you tomorrow.

SnoopMurph said...

I saw the snow on the news...brrr! I love those pretty fall colors though, that yellow tree keeps catching my eye.

Kim said...

Hello! Don't explode, please!

I do understand what you mean about feeling like you're going to, though...Darryl and I have been a wreck over it. We decided that on election day we're going to all vote together (the family) and go to the Autumn Cafe, where the local democratic candidates hang out and wait for the results to come in. That way we're surrounding ourselves with like-minded people. Should make the victory more sweet and the defeats more bearable.

Running late for work, as usual...more next time! Enjoy your village!

Melli said...

Oh I used to have a village! I forget the name of the site that I had it with though -- it was in relation to some book I never read! ROFL!!! But anyway... One obsession is as good as another... virtual ones are usually a little less emotionally demanding... so that's probably a good thing! Have fun!

Jeff B said...

Brrrrr... It's been unseasonably warm here the past week. Sunny and around 70. All that's about to change starting this weekend.

Sometimes taking a short break is good for perspective. Just came off a week and a half away from blog-land.

Personally, I'll be really glad when this election is over. I'm completely burnt out on all the name calling and mud slinging going on. My ballot is filled out and will be dropped off at city hall today. Nice thing about Oregon, we don't have to wait in a line at a polling place on election day.

Dr.John said...

It's cold here but no snow . YET!

Travis said...

We've got some great colors like that around these parts too.

I understand the obsession. It's taken hold of us a bit as well. I haven't blogged about it though because I just don't want that controversy in my peaceful place.

Just four more days to get through.

Chatty said...

Beautiful picture! But, what is a virtual village? Is it anything like The Sims? That game is way too hard for me to play. I keep forgetting a baby, or to water the plants. I haven't tried playing it in years. But now I'm interested in a virtual village...; )