Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day Rant

Well, I know that I already wrote a big rant about impeachment so I won't say anything more about that here (don't hold me to that, please) , but just in case anybody with a few bucks to spare should happen by and read this....

The man who has first and consistently called for the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney is Dennis Kucinich, Congressman from the 10th District in Ohio. In my 60 years I have never cared with such passion about a candidate. Most people probably don't know that he ran a campaign for president because the media and the Democratic Party made sure that his voice was virtually completely silenced. So much for free elections and Democracy. God forbid that Americans should actually hear some of the things that Dennis stands/stood for. God forbid that we should hear that in non-media polls and blind polls, Kucinich usually beat the so-called "front runners" (ie. corporate media pre-selected choices) by sizeable margins. I am disgusted that the other candidates allowed and cooperated with silencing his voice in the debates. That does not speak well of them. To me it says that they were afraid of having an honest substantive voice be heard alongside their own sound bites. It doesn't bother me as much that Dennis K won't be president as it bothers me that what he stands for has been effectively kept from the ears of the American people and that this has been done with the cooperation of the other candidates.

Personally, I don't understand why we are afraid of universal health coverage in this country. Where is the downside medical care for every citizen of our country instead of the current lop-sided mess which bankrupts even those who are insured and leaves the poor in a position where the only way they can get health care is to become so ill that society winds up paying for their care and their funeral both. Anybody who hasn't watched the movie SICKO really should make it a point to do so.

But I digress. It seems that the Democratic party and corporate interests (I know I sound paranoid, but it isn't paranoia if it's true) are doing their level best to finish off the job on Kucinich. They are trying to get him out of Congress with the same determination with which they silenced his voice in the run for the presidency. He needs help. And this country needs his voice. Now more than at any time in our history, the country needs a voice that stands against the tide. Kucinich was one of the few who always voted against the war. Kucinich is one of the few who has worked for truly improving the lives of citizens. He has good sense and a kind of decency, honesty and courage which is rare and refreshing. We will be a poorer country if we lose his voice from Congress, a place which is currently quite destitute of such voices.

Anyway. I hope that anyone who can, will send a dollar, a nickle, twenty, a hundred to Kucinich's campaign in Ohio. Maybe the best thing to do, though, is let Dennis speak to you in his own words at Progressive Democrats of America's website.

I want my country back. Keeping men like Dennis Kucinich in office is one way to keep that hope alive.


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

Arrg.ICan'tVote. said...

Although i have very different views on politics than you, I do agree on your statements of the media covering up specific candidates opinions.

In short, I feel the same way about Ron Paul as you do about Dennis Kucinich.

SnoopMurph said...

It is very sad how the media basically ignore the full range of candidates and I don't feel that they are given a fair chance at all.

I happened to see Kucinich on the Colbert Report and he was really personable. It is nice to have someone be consistent in their votes and viewpoints instead of changing views depending on the audience.

Dianne said...

the media is shortchanging Americans every single day. they're not delivering news, they're putting on a play.

I will gladly send a few dollars to Dennis' campaign. I respect him and wish his voice could be heard by more people.

Raven said...

Hi te la ma maria-reus. Thank you for your kind words. Regards back to Catalonia, Spain from Hancock, New York, USA.

arrg.ican'tvote - My niece Diana is a big Ron Paul supporter. I respect Ron Paul's integrity but I'm a bit leery of libertarianism. I agree that the media has done much the same to Ron Paul as they did to Kucinich. Paul did a little better because his supporters raised so much money for him and the media couldn't ignore that. He's definitely the best the Republican's have to offer.

snoopmurph - the media is worthless except as a mouthpiece for corporate interests. What has happened to the media over my life time is as depressing as it is disturbing. Kucinich was great on Colbert. I do wish they had talked about issues, but I thought it was a brilliantly funny skit.

Dianne - thanks for sending money to Kucinich. I think he's a great man. I'd hate for us to lose his voice in Congress. "Putting on a play," - great way to say it.