Friday, February 27, 2009

Saturday Wordzzle Challenge: Week 52

This is week 52 of the Saturday Wordzzle challenge. Anyone new to the process can refer back here to find out how it works. Well, I think I'm climbing out of my hole. My 10 word and mini were written while I was still in the cave and are incredibly incredibly BORING. I kind of overcompensated on the last one and I'm not really very happy with it, but so it goes.

The words for this week's ten word challenge were: Netflix, mortgage, skunk, flagrant, the New York Times, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, perpendicular, geometry, crabby, shoveling snow Mini Challenge: pragmatic, crystal ball, laundry, safflower oil, Gregorian chants

Here's my ten-word offering for this week:

There was a skunk stinking up the neighborhood the other night, but even with the occasional unwanted critter (I wish my skunk had come by day and let me photograph him or her), I love my little house with it’s affordable mortgage payments and it’s kind neighbors who help me out by taking care of shoveling snow in the winter months. I do miss The New York Times living here in the country, though I probably couldn’t have afforded it if I was still in the city. I loved those crossword puzzles, the Op-ed page, and the Sunday magazine. Such is life. I get my news on line these days and my entertainment from TV and by downloading free 1-hour game tryouts on the computer. I do a cyber crossword but they let you know if you’ve made a mistake which takes some of the challenge out of things. Today’s puzzle had a geometry theme with world like area, sine and perpendicular. It was kind of easy but at least it keeps my brain going. I’ve been so crabby lately that I really don’t like myself very much. I have a pile of books to read but have mostly wasted my time on the aforementioned computer games even though if I pushed myself a little, I have flagrantly absurd Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy sitting right here on my desk just waiting to make me laugh out loud… and a Netflix movie called “Miracle at St. Anna,” which I believe promises to make me cry. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and hopefully I will make better choices.

And here's my mini challenge:

I hate laundry, house-keeping, budgeting and all things pragmatic. I should have been born some kind of princess so that others could handle the nasty details of life and I could meditate to the sound of Gregorian chants or spend my days gazing into a crystal ball, reading tarot cards and being wooed by handsome princes. Kindly, well-treated housekeepers and chefs would tend to my needs and prepare healthy but incredibly delicious meals with safflower oil and only the freshest vegetables and fruits. I would wear lovely dresses and write and read and sing and do kind deeds for my subjects (free citizens by my decree), who would all be so well treated, prosperous and happy that they would love me forever. Alas, only in my dreams… and maybe in my next life.

And for the mega challenge:

Gangalor Gringalorian of the planet Netflix was crabby at the best of times but today he was so apoplectic that he hurled the rare and precious bottle of safflower oil he had acquired on his intergalactic travels across the room hitting Skunk, his pet wunglefargon (similar to a dog), so named because he looked rather like his Earth namesake except for the fact that he was green and orange instead of black and white and walked perpendicular rather than on all fours. The source of Gangalor’s flagrantly dramatic behavior was not something mundane like a difficult geometry problem or pragmatic like an unyielding stain that doing the laundry had not solved. It was not even the annoying – to Netflixian ears – sound of his mate experimenting with Gregorian chants. In truth, he would rather be plucking narglefs (the Netflixian equivalent of shoveling snow) than listening to that particular sound. But I digress. The reason for this morning’s ill temper was that scanning the universe using his inter-galactic crystal ball he – the most renowned travel agent/guide in the entire galaxy – had happened on a disturbing article in the Earth zone’s New York Times alleging that some feeble backwards earthling named Douglas Adams had allegedly written something called A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Absurd. No human – a moronic if fascinating species – was going to horn in on his territory. He had not been planning another trip to Earth until 2015, but now he would have to nip this impostor in the bud. “Flarpinda, my burgeoning blogglewort,” he called. Pack your bags. We’re going to Earth to replace the Safflower oil and make sure Mr. Adams learns his place in the universe.” So saying, he felt better, especially since his words had quickly silenced his wife’s horrendous chanting. Picking up a small earth globe, the tossed it across the room and smiled contentedly as Skunk luched off in an energetic run to fetch it back to him.


My friend Dan decided to play this week and did the mini. He has no blog, so I'm posting his contribution here:

Joann always lived a simple life and had a pragmatic way of looking at things. Her sister Rita however, would gaze into her crystal ball and try to predict the future. It was laundry day for the two of them and Rita always brought her wash over to Joann's house. They would hang their clothes out on the line and lay back in a lounge chair, while conditioning their legs with safflower oil (an old family beauty secret). The CD player would pipe out the relaxing sounds of the Gregorian chants. Summer was always best at the little cottage.


Next Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: chopping block, reading list, bangles, oracle, plan, fandango, spelling bee, calendar, utilitarian, flower pot

Mini Challenge: Siberia, citrus fruit, roofer, shamrock, twinkle twinkle little star

Thanks for playing. For those who are new, here are some guidelines to make the process more fun.

Enjoy! See you next week.



Chatty said...

I like the first two, but the mega just cracks me up - I love it! Mine are up - after a rather long break I'm back and playing - can't wait to read everybody else's, so will be back to check comments in a few hours, or early tomorrow. Hope you are having a good weekend, Raven.

Jeff B said...

Happy Wordzzleversary! 52 weeks = 1 year!

Your mega was a wild ride. I could feel your mood in the first two. Hope your feeling better now.

I finally played again this week.

Chatty said...

I can't believe I completely passed over the fact that Wordzzle #52 = 1 year - thanks for pointing that out, Jeff, and Happy Anniversary, Raven!

Lu' said...

Urgh these words were brutal. Ha planet Netflix :)

Finding Pam said...

Hey Raven, Just a note to let you know that my sister, Candy, has written my Wordzzle this week. I will be back tomorrow to read yours. We are up and posted.

Blessings, Pam

Jay Simser said...

I googled wunglefargon and your blog is the only place in the universe that it is used. I loved them and I have to say Happy Anniversary. Phrog and the Sisters join me in welcoming you back to blogging. We have missed your posts. j

Carletta said...

They were NOT boring!
Love that you are back my friend!

I too love the mega!
As far as the mini challenge - in our next lives lets come back as neighbors and do all those fun things.
I'm glad Jeff noticed - Happy 52 - awesome Raven, and those who have been with you all those weeks!

And, congrats to Dan for a job well done! Loved it!

Heather said...

Raven You are such a creative story teller, They were all great!

Dan youshould have a blog just to take part on Saturday wordzzles.

Heather said...

Oh btw ,I did not put five and two together like Jeff had.
Happy Wordzzleversary! Good word Jeff.

Akelamalu said...

The first one read like a diary entry Raven and it's not easy to do that so how you can say it's boring I don't know. Well done!

I love the mega this

pet wunglefargon

made me laugh! How do you think these things up?

Your friend Dan did a great job to, he should get himself a blog. :)

Dr.John said...

When I read the first one I thought nobody can top this but the mega challenge was just out of this world. You not only use words creatively you make up words creatively as well.
The apparent apanthropinization is worthy of a tune on my zither biut the paucity of talent prevents it.
In passing your friends entry sticks to the original intent which was to write " a paragraph" not a novel.

bettygram said...

The mega puzzle to me was the best. I liked the made up words and the use of the challenge words.
I enjoyed Dan's, It gave me a happy feeling.

Dianne said...

you did 'reality wordzzles' ya know. and you said I was so clever to do them!! I loved each one - the first two really hit home since we have so much of that in common. Perhaps we will be princess sisters in the next realm.

And in a funny way Dan's has a similar theme to mine. Sisters at a cottage, cousins at a cabin. Although Dan's is far happier than mine - good work Dan :)

Richard said...

First: Congrats on 52 weeks of Wordzzle. Quite an accomplishment. I have enjoyed it tremendously, thanks for all your hard work.

Second: This week's Mega about the planet Netflix was inspired and funny. The names were a hoot and I came away with my own Netflixian take on the Universe.

Happy Wordzzle Anniversary Katherine.

Travis said...

Congratulations on 52 weeks of Wordzzle.

BJ Roan said...

Congratulations. A whole year is quite an accomplishment. One of these days, if I can ever find the time, I want to give wordzzle a try.

gabrielle said...

I love the progression of stories and how you seem to have shrugged yourself out of the mundane on the wings of fancy.

Happy first anniversary, wordzzle, thanks to the Gringalorian efforts of our gracious and gifted host, Raven.
And welcome, Dan. I was lulled into the ambiance of summer at the cottage.

Alice said...

Hi Raven. I enjoyed all your stories tonight. I relate to the second one, as I also should have been born a princess as I too dislike those pragmatic type of chores.

Maybe your friend Dan needs to start a blog and play along every week... he did well.

See you in the Bloggesphere.

San said...

I didn't know you had kept Wordzzle going for a year now, Raven--Happy Anniversary! I will have to break down and do another wordzzle. Soon.

Your wannabe princess is a lovely reverie, but the "country living" vignette is very appealing too. And the travels to the planet of Netflix were most fanciful, milady.

Dan did well too. He should write a blog.