Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Daily Reminder # 706

I had a quiet, but very lovely 65th birthday.  I'm going to keep it short this evening, just some scenes from my day and maybe a short paragraph gratitude. I still have my birthday movie to watch, even though technically, my birthday has come and gone. But it was a fine day. Dr. Jim sang to me as did my friend Rosalie. I received many lovely birthday wishes on Facebook. and some great emails.... even an e-song from YouTube from Gabrielle and some photos of geese. Best of all, I had two lovely video SKYPE sessions, one with each of my nieces.  Diana and John even wore party hats.  Sweet Emmet puppy was forced to wear one tooo. Hopefully tomorrow I can share a picture of that. Then I had some supper and a wonderful chat with my niece Cindy and her two kids, Annika and Trevor. It was lots of fun. I already thought Trevor was wonderful, but he got the brownie point award for saying I looked like I was in my 30s. Vanity never dies.   Anyway, it was a nice entry into my 65th year. I feel loved. That's about as good as it gets.

My SKYPE photos don't do the subjects justice, but isn't she beautiful?
This is Diana who lives in North Carolina.

I wish the focus was better. My niece Cindy and Trevor
and Annika. Ignore the small figure in the bottom corner.
Aren't they wonderful? 
Cindy and the clever boy who told his 65 year old great
aunt that she looks like she's in her 30s. Well done.

So much to be grateful for. Thank You for all of the following.  Angel and Tara Grace, my home, my wonderful nieces and their families. My nephew, even though I didn't get to talk to him today. My friends and all the wonderful people who sent me lovely notes. Pepperidge Farms, for my little cake which I had for breakfast and for supper dessert. A beautiful day with perfect temperatures. A visit from my friends to look forward to tomorrow. My computer, my camera, my TV, my web cam, sight and smell and taste and hearing and all the wonders of life. Food to eat, my telephone, my grabber, my walker/chair and my cane and that my legs still get me around with help.  My scratch-off lottery tickets even though I didn't even win enough to try again. Nothing. Nothing. But I had fun trying. I'm so grateful for all the wonders of life. Thank you for electricity and my Tibetan Salt lamps and my electric toothbrush and all the things electricity offers (fans and refrigerators and microwaves) among them. Thank you for my rock collection and the colors of the rainbow. Thank you for little boys who tell their great aunt that she looks like she's in her 30s and for beautiful nieces and a wonderful great niece and that both nieces have husbands/husband-ishes that make them happy. Thank you for Dr. Jim, who was kind enough to reschedule my session for today and even sang to me. Thank you for love and laughter and life and for everything.



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