Friday, July 06, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 210

And the story of the Paragon of Virtue is winding down. It's installment FIFTY! And as it turns out, it is the final installment.  What will I do now?

Apologies for posting so very late.  Angel went to the vet today and had surgery - she's doing fine, though she's keeping an extremely low profile - and I completely forgot about wordzzles until just now.  As always, I wanted to share Mr. Linky and the words in case someone wishes to break my lonely vigil as the Lone Wordzzler. I'll post my exercises tomorrow, however.  I'm tired.

Saturday 4:45... I am having a hard time with today's words. Don't usually do this, but I'm going to post my mega awhile and then try to finish the other two off. I've added a video of Amazing Grace - Judy Collins version - which I hope you enjoy. 

Saturday: 6:45... Two down (interruptions and lack of ideas is making this go very slowly)... one to go, but I think I must feed the girls before I tackle the 10-word.  These words are killing me.

8:10 - Cats are fed. I am fed. And the story is done. The WHOLE story. Maybe not my best week of words, but the story is done. I am happy. I am sad too. I will miss Fred and the others, I think. 

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Words for this week's 10 word challenge:  the answer, vow, plot, pillar, fans, effective, walk the line, craft, oversight, civil   And for the mini: speech, local, crowd, rock fall, back-scratcher

My mega:

As he had gathered his thoughts to teach the gathered crowd of heroes the birth song for Bubble's child, the Paragon had wondered to himself what kind of singers dragons would be. The answer to his question turned out to be that they were quite amazing. Paraphenalia had an exquisite soprano voice and the other dragons showed a surprising (to those who, like Paragon, Fred Johnson, were unfamiliar with dragon craft) gift for harmony. Their musical learning curve was nothing short of astonishing, probably helped by the fact that they were able to hear the song in the Paragon's mind before he ever began teaching it to them. After a couple of rehearsals, the Paragon vowed happily. My friends, on earth  you would have fans and admirers lining up around the block to hear you sing. As they sang, the Paragon realized that singing as they were effectively united them all into a circle of focused love, connecting them to each other and to the baby as she entered into life. And so it was that Bubble's daughter Grace came gently and easily into the world  wrapped in love, music and the softest fiber in the universe woven of spider webs. Following the song, the wizard poked the Paragon gently in the ribs and chuckling said,  "Paragon, I believe I forgot to mention that one of your duties as Paragon is to give a greeting speech to the newborn at such occasions. You must welcome her formally." "An oversight on your part, you old rascal, or a plot to embarrass me?" the Paragon replied, blushing. Laughing out loud, the wizard responded, "Old rascal? Not a very civil way to address your teacher, young man, and although there may have been some plotting, it was not to embarrass, but to keep you at your best - speaking from your heart, which is quite eloquent. Go on now. Let your heart words welcome Grace into our midst."  "I still wish you had warned me," the Paragon muttered, kneeling beside the bed. Gazing at the mother and child, he thought Bubbles - impossible as it seemed - even more beautiful than before. The baby, for her part, was a reflection of her mother. "Baby Grace," he said softly, "you enter this life surrounded by love. Your pure heart has joined us at the birth of a new time for the world. An old darkness has passed away and your arrival reminds us that not only is the past behind us, but the future calls us forward. It is said that you have a destiny, but if I have learned nothing else in the Kingdom of Sunday it is that we all have a destiny and that is to strive to do our best, to give love and kindness to all - including ourselves. Amazing Grace," he continued, "You have already lived up to that name. After all, dragons and wizards, nobles and heroes sang your welcome song, but even if they had not, like every new life you are a miracle. You are joy and hope and possibility. We love you. We delight in you now as we shall delight in watching you become new with each passing day to come. Welcome. Thank you for being."  And so saying, he stood, blushing yet again and turned to flee, "I hope that was OK," he whispered to the wizard. "Heed your own words, Paragon and don't look to some back-scratcher to offer approval you already know you deserve.  Dragons.... " What followed was as strange and touching a ritual as the Paragon had ever seen. Standing in a circle around the bed in which Bubbles and her baby rested, the dragons extended their wings so that they created a kind of protective wall around them.and recited the following ancient oath: "Child of Bubbles, young baby Grace, we are honored to offer our lives to you. Pillars of love and protection may we be, we will walk the line for you, we will fly the sky for you,  we will guard you from snowfall or rock fall, from any foe, local or foreign who thinks to harm you. Our fire is yours to command, whether to light a candle, vanquish a foe or keep you warm. This oath we make with blood (at these words, each dragon pierced him or herself and let 10 drops of blood drip into a cauldron suspended by magic above the child) and fire (here each removed a scale, lit it with their breath and dropped it too into the cauldron)  we bind our lives to you today and for all time. The mix of fire and blood was then handed to Bubbles, who added a drop of  her own and her child's blood into the mix and proceeded to touch it to her daughter's 3rd eye, then her own and then that of each dragon in turn., saying as she did so, "On behalf of my daughter Grace and myself, with humble gratitude, I accept your love and loyalty. May we be worthy of such a gift." At this point the dragons burst into a spontaneous chorus of Amazing Grace. When they were done, the wizard set off a burst of wizard fire works and then announced. "I don't know about the rest of you," but I'm starving.  Has Confetti sent us a proper feast, Paragon?"

My mini:  

"Confetti has indeed sent a feast" the Paragon replied, reaching into his magic basket. Bubbles - are you well enough to eat with us? How shall we..."  The last question went unfinished since in the brief moment of getting the basket, the others had managed to completely transform the small toy shop yet again  - this time into a banquet hall of some elegance. "Well, done, wizard," the Paragon muttered. "Confetti has outdone himself, I think!  There is even a special bottle included for Grace, Bubbles, with a note addressed to you." "Another family tradition," Bubbles giggled happily. "Uncle Confetti has sent you something special, Grace dear," she burbled happily to her sleeping daughter. "Bring on the feast, Paragon." I can't believe I'm saying this, "but I'm incredibly hungry."  T        he Paragon, who had had an idea quietly pulled the Wizard aside and they whispered briefly. "I would have done it myself, but I feel Confetti is too precious a treasure to risk to my magic" "I'm sure you would  have done fine, Paragon, but I shall gladly assist. Wish I had thought of it myself. And quick as a flash, the master chef stood before them with a look of delight and surprise on his face. "You as much a hero in our story as any of the rest of us, Chef Confetti. Your food has lifted our spirits and strengthened our bodies and resolve over and over. And Grace's Uncle should be here to celebrate her birth." Tears in his eyes, Confetti, bowed to the Paragon. "You kindness is the greatest of your many gifts, Paragon. Thank you for your words and for allowing me to join this illustrious gathering."  It was as glorious a feast as anyone could imagine, particularly in a toy shop, following the close of a long, traumatic battle against evil and the birth of a baby. Confetti insisted on serving the meal, which consisted of many astonishing courses, beginning with Bubble's Burst Ginger Ale and I'm Speechless Deviled eggs, which could be eaten plain or topped with "back-scratcher blue cheese sauce."  "I'm thinking Confetti made that sauce especially for you, Paragon,"  the wizard said with a wink, "He must have," the Paragon laughed, dipping one of the eggs deeply into the sauce, "I can't get enough of it."  For the main course Confetti provided a succulent Stew with Rock Fall Dumplings and Dragon fire croutons. For desert, guests had a wide selection of options to choose from. Most of them had some of everything. As they sat together, stuffed, content and truly happy, Brave Heart rose to speak. "Friends - and how wonderful to know that I can say that and know it is true despite my unworthiness - first, I wish to thank you again for all that you have done, from saving my own poor soul to rescuing my mother, to saving the Kingdom, really. But I interrupt this gathering to tell you that sources have let me know that word of my mother's rescue and Grace's birth has reached the local people, who are now pouring out of their homes in anticipation of being there to witness these miracles for themselves and to express their love for both of these remarkable women. Crowds are gathering in the streets as we celebrate here. Perhaps it is time that we return this fine toy store to the custody of its generous and gracious owners and face the love and gratitude that all of you have earned with your courage and goodness."

And the 10-word:

They spent a few minutes restoring the shop to it's natural state. Then after many hugs, words of gratitude, and the presentation to Bubbles of so many toys for Grace that she could easily have entertained a dozen children well into their teens, the heroes reluctantly stepped out to face the adulation of Lady Purist's cheering fans. It was a true measure of how much things had changed since Psycho had become Braveheart, that although civil authorities were out in force, their oversight of the crowds was conducted with firm good cheer rather than brutality. To say the crowds were large hardly described it. There were people everywhere - behind every pillar, on every plot of free ground, on roof-tops; the were cheering, laughing, crying, swooning. Fred Johnson found himself horrified by it but somewhat seduced at the same time. At one point he asked of Lady Purist, 'Lady, how do you do it? How to you walk the line between appreciating their adoration and being seduced by it?" "The answer," she replied with a smile, "is as easy s it is complex. Learn to love and trust yourself. When you do not need the approval of others to feel good about yourself, you can enjoy it without getting lost in it. My father told me that when I asked the very same question many years ago and I have found it to be very effective. The trick, of course, is learning the difference between vanity and self-esteem. Bubbles' mother crafted a series of exercises to help me distinguish between the two and to help me strengthen the latter while recognizing the former. I will share them with you in the coming days if you would like." "You honor me, Lady Purist," he replied  "Maybe," she replied, laughing, "but I also want you to be worthy of Bubbles when you marry her. Does she know yet that you love her or have you been trying to keep it a secret." This time the Paragon blushed so deeply that he thought his face might burst into flames." Later, when he repeated the conversation to Braveheart, the count laughed out loud, "My mother is a crafty woman, Paragon, but only a blind woman could have missed the truth that you and Bubbles love one another."  Lady Purist was as good as her word and six months later, when  Bubbles and the Paragon took their vows and moved back into her childhood home, he was well grounded and much the wiser and happier for his studies with that good woman.  So that is how the story of Fred Johnson, winds to its close - with happy ending all around. When she was done getting the Paragon and Bubbles hitched, she set about (and succeeded in)  finding the perfect bride for her son. Braveheart, proved himself truly changed and served his people with kindness and generosity and they responded with love and happy productivity. Spark, it turned out had always had a great fondness for Lady Purist and she returned his feelings in kind. Purpose Perfidy lived happily in his cottage among the dragons. Lady Purist - a dedicated and gifted matchmaker - found a life companion for him as well - a weaver and sculptor with whom he created some of the kingdom's greatest masterworks. And Grace? She truly was amazing. Loved and nurtured by her parents, she evolved into a magnificent human being. But that is a story for another time. For now, rest happy, my friends, knowing that the Kingdom of Sunday and her citizens are experiencing a golden age of peace and creativity. They are at peace. They are happy. May it be so always.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  existence, imagination, ferocious, dripping, ribbon, aging, operation, seven, art, entrance 

And for the mini: sweltering, distinguished, discomfort, spread, blossom

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


The Bug said...

Oh it made me a little weepy - I love a happy ending :)

Raven said...

I only thought of this afterwards, but Braveheart marries the Wizard's daughter. I felt kind of bad that she just got forgotten when she stared out as the Paragon's first big crush.

Argent said...

Brill! Really have enjoyed this.