Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Signs of Spring

Hopefully Spring will come soon. At least there are signs now that it is on the way.

Happy Wordless Wednesday


I hope you will all take a minute to remember that this is Autism Awareness Month. The following blogs and posts offer an opportunity to put a human face and heart on something which for most of us is just something we have heard about but don't really understand.

These are the Days
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Mother of Shrek
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Down River Drivel
Look Me In The Eye


Jhona said...

wow nice. hope you could visit my site.. tnx happy WW

Jules said...

Yup. Spring is coming!
Loved the pics.

Jay Simser said...

And another sure sign of Spring. As I was driving home from Des Moines last night I noticed that Highway Construction has begun. They were working on Southbound 1-35 - The Dun Begins.

Shrijnana said...

Thats what spring looks like where I am, too. No big flowers, but lots of buds and birds. Congrats on the bird picture; it can be hard to get them so close up.

Jo said...

I just love that last squirrel shot. Spring arrived here a month ago (I'm in CA) & I've felt guilty b/c I know so many snow-bound bloggers...but now it seems to warming up for everyone.

Billy said...

It took a while to get to the south--still freezing a couple of weeks a go, but it seems to have moved in for the duration finally. I'm sure it's spreading out its inevitable relief and glory :)

Raven said...

jhona - thanks for visiting. Happy WW to you too

jules - thanks... I'm starting to think it really IS coming this time, though they are predicting chilly weather for the weekend.

jay - sorry about the highway construction. Guess it keeps people employed. And at least they are working on the roads. We could use some effort on the roads in my part of the world.

shrijnana - I'm so happy with my new little camera and with it's megapixels and it's zoom lens. If I had the money, I'd have gotten more megapixels and more zoom, but this is still a glorious upgrade from what I had before. I'm homebound so all my photos are taken from inside. That little robin seems to know I'm aiming at her. I think she's a touch vain because she poses constantly.

jo- I like that one too. That's why it's last. It makes me laugh.

billy - glad you have Spring where you are. I still have a little bit of "Snow Mountain" (the snow that slides down off my roof and blocks the back door) melting but it's almost gone. When it goes, I think it will be Spring for sure.

SandyCarlson said...

Delightful pictures delightfully presented! Thanks.

storyteller said...

These are all great 'shots' ... of critters I'm not likely to see in my neighborhood ever!

I've got TWO (almost) Wordless Wednesday posts up finally ... one on each of my blogs ... using the One Single Impression prompt for Week 6: Stranded
Heliocopter Rescue
Polar Bears
And now I need to find your OSI post for this week before I move on. While I'm thinking of it ... did you do the Dogster quiz from my HoT post at Small Reflections ... and (if so) what were your results?
Hugs and blessings,

greyst said...

Ooh! I love your little squirrel photos! They are so cute!

Green Eyed Girl said...

awesome shots! I am hoping spring is here to stay now!

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

What cute little creatures!
I love animals :)

Happy Spring and Happy WW

Pamela Kramer said...

Love the squirrel! Happy WW.

Dianne said...

squirrel up against pole with stolen goods! that is my favorite too!!

Happy Almost Spring Raven.

the teach said...

All beautiful harbingers of Spring! Thank goodness!

Raven said...

hi Sandy - thank you for dropping by...

storyteller - funny how we take our local critters for granted. Thanks for your visit.

greyst - thanks I like the last one. He really is adorable, isn't he?

Green Eyed Girl - thanks... I wish it would arrive for real. There's still some snow on my back porch.

Cats-Goats-Quotes - I could tell from your blog that you love animals. Thanks for visiting my nest.

Pamela Kramer - thanks. Happy WW to you too.

Dianne - Isn't he just too cute?

the teach - I'm waiting for the trees and the warm breezes and the last of the snow to melt. But I have more hope now.

moo said...

Just beautiful. Those bird shots are so very hard to get ... good job!

Napaboaniya said...

I can sense your happiness :) The last picture of the squirrel is too adorable for words. Enjoy Spring!!

SnoopMurph said...

Spring in all its glory-the robin and the squirrel are precious. You managed to capture such personality too!

Mountaingirl said...

We are heading for autumn and like you I have been keeping an eye for symbols and proof of the change in the season. My favorite so far is changing to my winter bed :-)

Robert said...

Very nice set of images. Thank you so much for sharing these.

Raven said...

moo - thanks... I have to say that Robin was very cooperative... I think he/she has ideas about a modeling career.

Napaboaniya - That squirrel just makes me smile. Thanks.

Snoopmurph - I swear they both posed for me... I just love having a zoom lens... my world has expanded.

Mountaingirl - Happy Fall! My other favorite season. I could do with less winter... or "tasteful" winter with just an occasional half inch of snow and no ice or sub zero temperatures.

Robert - thank you. Your photos are always so exquisite. Thanks for dropping by Raven's Nest.

Diana said...

Amazing photos! Especially love the squirrels and the first robin. You could sell photos like that. Too sweet!

Raven said...

Hi... I was just thinking about you and here you are... I'm pretty pleased with these photos myself... that squirrel is just so darn cute and he posed for me... so did the Robin. I just love my little camera. Best extravagance I ever indulged in.

Karen said...

These photos are gorgeous--yaay spring!

Raven said...

hi Karen - thanks... I was pretty excited that I got the robin shots... and that squirrel just makes me smile. Spring is really starting to show here now. My neighbor has a couple of daffodils. I agree. yaay spring!