Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Creative Photography

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For some reason I didn't think there was going to be Creative Photography challenge this week, but I noticed as I bopped around visiting Ruby Tuesday people that it IS on, so I thought I'd post this. I don't know how creative it is and I don't quite remember what I did to get this water color (that's what it looks like to me) effect. I think I just brightened it, but I might have done something else. Anyway, I didn't like the original photo that much, which is probably why I was messing with it. I think it looks better washed out.... The cat is one of two strays I see pretty regularly. He's HUGE and rumored to be pretty mean. I think he's beautiful, though, and I imagine I'd be mean too if I lived out in all kinds of weather and had to fight for my food.


Patti said...

Yes, living outside and fighting for one's food would make one mean.

I like the photo. The cat seems so focused on the prey, or what he hopes will be some prey. ;-)

We have two felines, and I see that you do too.

Nice entry ~ good luck in the contest.

juliana said...

maybe it's just me but i think the original photo is excellent ... a lot of detail and the cat's pose is perfect.
the washed out version is nice but a lot of detail was lost on the cat whereas the background is still very discernible

Ralph said...

Even indoor cats have to hunt. Since our are inside, the errant moth or fly must be stalked, caught, killed and eaten.

A jungle out there, indeed.

Nice shots!

Dianne said...

Siren does that paw up in the flex and attack position. Like a crazed dancer.

He is a big guy, thank goodness at least he looks healthy. and you're right he is beautiful.

I like both shots but I think the original is wonderful!

I had not an ounce of creative force in me today Raven, life is a pain in the ass sometimes :) so for the first time I didn't enter.

Randall said...

Cat's will be cats. I mean, what do you want them to be? Dogs?

Daryl said...

I am laughing at how we both used our white cats for this week's contest


storyteller said...

Interesting … makes me want to play with some of my photos, but (alas) I barely have time to visit a few blogs today. Maybe this weekend? I can't remember the last time I saw an entirely white cat (if ever).
Hugs and blessings,

Willow said...

Really great photos of birds and critters in the last post! and I love the white cat!

Akelamalu said...

That's a great shot of a cat on the prowl!

Deborah Godin said...

What an elegant white cat! And you sure captured that "zeroing in" body posture. My indoor cats hunt, too, mainly each other. They are masters of the butt-wiggle-behind-the-couch-ambush.

Mojo said...

I'm truly more of a dog person, but I can respect cats for the efficient killing machines that they are. I like the original a lot, but if it were my call, I probably would crop it tighter to the cat and try to emphasize the eyes. Looks like the first one you might have tweaked the brightness up and the contrast down. Just a guess, but since you said you couldn't remember I thought I'd offer that as a possibility.

Great shot any way you crop it!

jientje said...

I hope you don't mind my saying so, but I like the original one better?
Never mind, you had fun with it, and that's what counts!
You asked me what that otter was eating?
It was a pacifier!
Mayvbe not so healthy, but as he is living in a zoo, I'm sure he won't die from it either!

Kimmie said...

What a beautiful cat. I love both photos.

White cats are just so angelic looking to me. =^..^=

Good Luck Raven!

I have an Award for you at my new chat blog.


Anndi said...

He's beautiful. I think what I like about the lighter version is it gives the cat an even more ethereal feel to him. Very magical.

Chica said...

He is purdy big for an outside cat, perhaps he's just a great hunter? Thanks for the Creative Photography submission. :)

Gattina said...

I thought I saw my Arthur ! If you go to my cat blog you can compare !

The Urban Buddha said...

You captured the cat perfectly.. his sneaky pose. I really like the original pic - bet it would look cool in black and white.. ;) Have a great day!

the teach said...

Great submission for Creative Photography, Katherine! I don't know who won yet! :)