Thursday, August 07, 2008

Poem(s) of the Week: Five Short Poems

Just five very short, unrelated poems this week.

So much sound
Without meaning
So much meaning
Without sound
Tangled in words
Thoughts are lost
Or else, wordless,
Pass unheard


Daughter of my soul
I cry for you in the long dark night
Ache with an incompleteness
That takes not from the joy of life
But yearns for more

Seeker after blind dreams
And happy unrealities
Dreamer of dark scenes
In love with the shadows
My mind casts against reality
I cling for a few desperate moments
To you.

Remembering childhood days in the park
I wish sometimes
To have those moments back
Of trust
And smiling eyes
And no conscience


After singing sweet songs
Angels clear their throats
And weep a bit
Upon the tone-deaf world

- Katherine E. Rabenau


Carletta said...

I've been catching up with you.
So sorry to see the tree has gone on it's way. Looking at your pics reminded me of when we cleaned up after a hurricane about five years ago before we moved. Three trees came down in our yard. Just imagine!
Love the bird pics in the two posts and that rabbit looks like he's stretched out at home. :)
Todays poems are wonderful as always - love Thunder Showers.
I too thought the original shot of the white kitty was good.

WillThink4Wine said...

I just love Thunder Showers! I like the idea that angels are clearing their throats after singing us sweet songs!

Akelamalu said...

Thunder Showers is my favourite. :)

storyteller said...

Ah … each is a gem for sure. Thanks for sharing them today. My favorite is the last ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

tt said...

Ooooo...I agree with everyone...I LOVED Thunder showers! Angels clearing their throats...beautiful description. I'll share that with the grand youngins :)

Dianne said...

I love the first one! and along with everyone else - I love the last one :)

and what a pretty flower!

Snowbird said...

I loved all of your poetry but I agree, the Thunder Showers was my favorite. Hop on over to my blog. I have a surprise for you. :-)

Beloved Dreamer said...

Wonderful poems and such imagery. I have missed reading your site. Please forgive my not commenting as often as I would like. I am not always up to it.May I link to your web?

love, Melanie-bd