Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just Taking a Few Days Off


A couple of people were worried about me because I didn't post anything yesterday - pretty much the first time in almost 8 months that I have not done so.

I'm a creature of inertia so it makes me a bit anxious to take this break. Will I start up again? Well Saturday is Wordzzles so I have to, I think.

Meanwhile, I'm just a touch under the weather with a flu-ish something that is better but still making me tired an cranky and unenthusiastic about anything much.

I have been watching the Democratic Convention. Some boring speeches. I thought Michelle Obama did a great job and so did Hilary Clinton. I was moved by Ted Kennedy's speech too. One thing that has been really wonderful watching the convention is the abundance of black and female voices.

I sure hope that John McCain loses by a landslide. I think I've mentioned before that I live on the border between New York and Pennsylvania and I watch too much TV. This means that I'm seeing a great many of the vile and dishonest campaign ads being run over and over by the McCain campaign. Bad enough are the ones that misrepresent the truth of Obama's platform, but today I heard one which virtually accused Obama of being a terrorist. I was stunned and disgusted.

Well this is a pretty long post saying that I'm not posting, isn't it? Sigh. No Ruby Tuesday, or Wordless Wednesday or Bridges or Skywatch (well maybe I'll feel better by Thursday night). Anyway, I'm just going to rest up a bit and see if I can kick the inner pity party crowd out of my head.

I will probably pop around and visit people, but I might not even do that. I still care, though.

Much Love and see you shortly,


Robert said...

I'm very sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. That's no fun. I hope it passes quickly.

You hope McCain loses by a landslide? Wow, I didn't see that coming! Ha ha! Things should get really interesting the next few months. Will you still talk to me if McCain wins? Will you join others that threaten to move to France if a republican wins? :)

SMM said...

Hey Raven...take care. Get some rest from the comp, catch up on your reading n spend some time with the family. And lots of chicken soup - for the soul and for the tummy - should have you raring to go on saturday :)

Carletta said...

I do hope you're feeling better soon. I miss your posts - never know what you are going to say.
I watched Hillary tonight. I so wish it were her.
Love this photo. If you're not up to anything else by Friday - just link this. :)
Wordzzle - reminds me - I better get busy!!!

Raven said...

Hi Robert - well, I'll still talk to you. If McCain wins I'll want to move to France but I'll stay here. I don't understand how anyone can be for more of what we have now. I don't see how you can want what's being done to this country for your daughter. I'll be dead and gone when the worst of it hits the fan. We've only seen the start at this point.

I also don't understand how you can want a government that keeps the poor impoverished, that feeds the rich, that doesn't care about the environment, that talks about educating children but doesn't acts in opposition to it's on rhetoric. I don't understand how you can watch unmoved when a huge percentage of your fellow citizens have little or no health care and no dental care. I don't understand how you can be content to see your fellow citizens work two and three jobs and still not be able to feed their children. I don't see how you can want your daughter to grow up in a world consumed by war where she or her young boyfriend or husband will be more than likely to be sent somewhere to die in the name of fossil fuel and greed. I don't understand how you can support someone who campaigns by lies and smears. That alone repulses me.

But it's a free country. And I know you don't get it how I can think what I think. I just want a better world for the people I love and care about. That includes you and your family.

I'm feeling much better this morning. I can rant again. Yippee!

Raven said...

smm - thanks. I feel MUCH better this morning. I hope it holds. I felt better the last couple of mornings and then reverted back to feeling yucky. See you Saturday.

Carletta - I thought she gave a great speech. I was thinking, though, that maybe she will be the new Ted Kennedy in the Senate. He's probably done more for the country than a dozen presidents combined. Sometimes what seems like defeat is really victory. I was really impressed with Michelle Obama and I've always been a fan of Joe Biden. I really like environmental and economic ideas they are talking about. Maybe there is something about being in the older woman demographic that makes it hard to let go of Hilary. I kind of hate that the lies about them have had such staying power over the truth. Not that the Clintons don't have their flaws, but I think they have a deep and passionate love of the country that's way more than about ego and power. I'm rambling. I feel much better today but I just felt the first twinge of my body being cranky again. Sigh.

Snowbird said...

Hope you're feeling better. Summer bugs are not fun. I had one earlier this summer.

I'm with you about hoping McCain loses. His ads are making me crazy. If I weren't a Democrat, I would vote against him just because of them!

peppylady said...

Lot of things does a soul good and break or change is one of them.

the teach said...

Katherine, don't think we won't miss you! I miss you already! No RT, no WW this is no good! Come on back, Kat! We need your perspective on things! :)

storyteller said...

I’m sorry you’re ‘under the weather’ (great photo for that thought today) and hope taking some time off will help you ‘recoup’ your energy. I worry about the ‘inertia’ thing myself. I’m way behind on blog visits but HAVE managed to post something daily at Small Reflections and a couple of times a week at Sacred Ruminations. It’s a challenge to keep up with everything now that my PSE6 classes have started up again. I’ve not watched the convention yet but I’ve got it recorded. I’ve been watching the US Open Tennis matches instead when I have a bit of time. Some have been pretty exciting already even in the early rounds. I’ll catch up with the convention today perhaps since I’ve got a bit of time, but I’m trying to catch up with blog visits too. It’s always something ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Dianne said...

Your comment to Robert was one of the best posts I've ever read!! Actually it should be a convention speech.

Feel better! Inertia and lethargy come but then they go!

SnoopMurph said...

Hi there-sorry I have been very MIA for comments, but I just want you to know that taking breaks is very good and I hope you will come back to us refreshed and revitalized to continue your good writing and posting. As you can see, your fan club will be waiting!

Shrijnana said...

Have a nice rest and retreat. 'See' you when you return. And I echo the accolades for your reply to Robert.

Quiet Paths said...

Retreats are good; esp. when you are under the weather. I totally get that; feel better soon and I'll be thinking of you!

One bright note about the the Prez polls. One prominent blogger pointed out that most people who are polled now a days are older folks with land lines. There is a vast segment of the US population who have gone completely to wireless and are not being polled. Therefore the polls are skewed towards McCain or documenting a dead tie. That is really not the case of reality. E.G.: We don't have a land line anymore and no one has called us to ask our opinion!

Raven said...

snowbird - thanks.... can't seem to quite shake this. I'll feel better and then 20 minutes later I feel miserable again. I'm not horribly sick just horribly sorry for myself at the moment. Such is life. Aren't those ads just disgusting?

peppylady - it is good to have a break now and again. I guess this is sort of a quasi break since I'm replying to people and doing a little bit of visiting around.

the teach - thanks, mary. Nice to know I'm missed.

storyteller - thanks for getting the picture. I'm very bad about stopping and starting. If I keep going, I'm ok. If I stop for too long, starting again seems like climbing a mountain. Glad you're enjoying the tennis matches. My father and brother used to try and go to Forest Hills every year at least once.

dianne - thanks for your kind words and for your email.

snoopmurph - or should I say Working Parent of the Year - good to see you. Nice to know I have a fan club. I wish this malaise would leave me. I've had enough of it.

shrijnana - good to see you again. Thanks. I do have a hard time understanding how anyone can justify voting for McCain... or justify his tactics.

quiet paths - Thanks for the good wishes and for the wise assessment of the polls. I know that I don't trust them. I happen to be one of those older people with only a land line and though I haven't taken any political polls, I do get called for other things. At least half the questions are impossible to answer because they are skewed or badly phrased so that any answer you give is a distortion of what you think or say. I take online polls too and they are the same.