Friday, October 09, 2009

Angel (Not) in my Kitchen

Well, I guess the universe doesn't want me to take any time off from worrying... I KNEW that the nice contractors didn't understand the creative/destructive power of one small sweet-faced cat. She looks so innocent. She's so sweet and needy and friendly. She cozies up to almost everyone. My descriptions of her power to cause trouble are just all in my head. I kind of wished they could have been here this morning when I got up to find a small piece of kitchen wall in the living room. Granted a very small piece of dry wall. I didn't think too much about it. I wondered where she had found it, but there's been lots of construction so I figured it was just a small chunk that got left behind somewhere. I hadn't really thought much about the gaps where the baseboard has not yet been replaced in the kitchen. I guess I should have.

Anyway, Tara Grace, not to be left out of the excitement, went into the kitchen and baptized the new linoleum with it's first big puke fest which got me hobbling out there with paper towels... and that's when I saw how big the gaps are at the bottom of the wall. I don't think they were that big before but in any case, I don't want Angel making them any bigger. There were already a few more small chunks of dry wall on the floor. Lucky for me, they saved the big piece of cardboard they used to block the room and I have it on it's side blocking the room. It's lodged really well, so I don't think she'll be able to find a way in unless she jumps from the back of the couch which would mean she won't be able to get back out. I need to think of a way to make that impossible but haven't thought of it yet. It could be a long two weeks waiting for the counter tops.

Still no camera and now it will be a big hassle to go in there and take pictures because I'll have to remove the barricade. I may just ask Nate and Dan to do it for me. I do love Angel. I really do. I used to tell Katrina and Abigail that I was going to send them to The Home for Wayward Kitties. Angel is unimpressed by that threat. Actually Trini and Abby didn't take it very seriously either. Tara Grace is basically virtuous.

That's the news from Hancock this morning. Angel is sleeping in my arms as I type this like she really belongs to the name I gave her.

Someone sent me this video this morning. I thought you all might enjoy it. It's called Mean Kitty:

It reminded me, for no logical reason of this one - An Engineer's Guide to Cats - that I posted a little over a year ago. It's hysterical.

That's it for Friday morning. Think I'll go turn the heat on before I freeze to death and see if I can get inspired to do my wordzzles before the last minute. Hah! Fat chance.


Jay Simser said...

That was wonderful. My Wordzzle is done. I scheduled it to post at 3:00 when I am on the road. Have a great week-end. Hope you get your camera back soon.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...


I can't help but smile. Kitties look so small, cute, and serene. Yet, being a human owned by a cat, I sure know the mischief that they can get into!

Janie B said...

That is the cutest video! I loved it, laughing all the way through. thanks for sharing.!