Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ellie Sarty: Constant as the Sun

I'm sitting here listening to my friend Ellie's music while nice people thump around in my kitchen - they will finish today! - and wishing that everyone could hear her wonderful music. She has two albums now.

Her first CD, the one I'm listening to now, is called Top of the Food Chain. I found place where you can listen to clips: something called MOG. I don't know if Top of the Food Chain is still available. It's a tragedy if it isn't. The words, music, arrangements are all her own. Her new CD is called Constant as the Sun and can be purchased here if anyone is interested. My friend Rosalie did the artwork on the album and I took the photo on the back.

Ellie is one of the kindest, gentlest, smartest people I've ever known. She's family in my heart and was the person who brought both Angel and Tara Grace into my life. I'd love to share her story some time but I would need her permission to do that. I'll just say that given what life has dished out to her, her humor and big heart are a miracle.

I hope you get to hear her music.


Kitchen news: They are working now. Should finish up today. Yippeee! Pictures will be posted tonight or tomorrow. Here are some scenes from... including a really cool reflection in the truck which is parked right outside my window. Alas, my windows are so incredibly dirty that it was almost impossible to get a good shot of anything. That's not fog or rain, it's dirt. Sigh.

5:39 update:

ALMOST finished. Plumber/electrician comes back tomorrow to put switches on and do the washing machine and dishwasher hook-ups, I think. He said he'd be here tomorrow in the afternoon unless he doesn't come. My poor old stove got a crack in it - probably when they did the counter tops (which are really awesome up close as is the new sink). They left at about 3:30 so Margaret (aid who comes every other week to help me clean) helped me move some stuff in and start putting things away. Dan was supposed to have the day off but got called into work so they are coming at around midnight to move the refrigerator in. How's that for friendship.

I have been weepy all day and still am for some reason. Probably tension releasing. Here's a bad picture of the sink. It's really, really, really nice to have a sink again. I think I'll wait to do the final post until it's really and truly done.


Akelamalu said...

Can't wait to see the finished kitchen. :)

quilly said...

Hooray that the work is almost done! I can't wait to see your unveiling pics.

Despite the dirty windows, that reflection off the truck is incredible!

Carletta said...

My windows look the same. :) I need to do a little window washing before winter - maybe the next warm day this week. :)
The first link didn't work for me to listen to the album but the buy link lets you preview each song.
Ellie has a beautiful voice. I'd love to see the picture you took.

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