Thursday, October 08, 2009

Happy News - Revised

Nate called last night to say that he things he and Dan have fixed the camera. They're bringing it this evening so I can test it out and take pictures and you can see the kitchen so far. That's my hope, anyway.

Floor looks so pretty! Can't wait for the counter tops and the sink. I miss having a kitchen sink.

Other happy news! My niece and nephew-in-law-ish are coming for a visit from Nov. 5-8! Yee ha!

Some more pictures from before camera broke...


Late Breaking update:

The guys' car broke down (long sad story) so there will be no meeting tonight and no return of the camera until maybe Saturday.



Akelamalu said...

So we will get to see the renovations soon then? :)

Raven said...

I hope so.

quilly said...

Great, great news! I have come to rely on blogger's cameras. It is like having access to their eyes!

Janie B said...

Looking forward to it!

SouthLakesMom said...

Okay, so now it's official...Melli WILL explode!

Sorry for the guys' car though. Compounding misery with more. I do hope it is an inexpensive fix and all will be well soon.

And, we are counting on the 'great unveiling' to be AWESOME. Better than having the works in progress photos!

Raven said...

I may explode before Melli. First not being able to share it and second having to wait two more weeks for the counter tops and third having to wait for my camera so I can share what's been done so far.

As for the guys' car, it's REALLY sad. Nate has wanted a new used car for ages and the person selling it was tormenting him. Finally he got it yesterday and it drove great for 2 hours and then broke down so they had to walk two miles to get to a spot where their cell phones work and then pay $78 to have it towed. I don't remember all the details of what's wrong, but it's apparently sort of a freak event and will cost at least $500, which they don't really have, especially since Dan's 4 days in the hospital ran to almost $8,000. (Why don't we have universal health care in this country?)!!! Anyway, they are pretty depressed about it. Going to see if they can get the person who sold them the car to pay at least part of the expense. I hope so.

And I hope they can bring me my camera soon too.

Word Imp said...

Why's everything breaking? Like your subtitle about the Late Breaking Update... very punny.

SnoopMurph said...

I am looking forward to your photos and so happy that the renovations are going well and I am sure it is exciting and maybe a little difficult (no sink!-I'll be lost!) but the end result will be worth it!

Hooray for your upcoming visit!

gabrielle said...

Sorry for the temporary travails.
Best wishes for the swift recovery of your camera.

In the meantime, the images you paint with your words are lovely and vivid. It feels like listeing to radio or reading a good book. Somehow, left to the imagination with a skillful guide, the pictures are very clear.

Looking forward to the nest installment on the progress of the remodel!

Carletta said...

Up....down.....I image your emotions are that way on a daily/hourly basis. :)
Glad to hear the camera may well be fixed - yeah!
But, am sorry for the car troubles. They seem like such good fellows. I hope the seller helps out.