Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sneak Preview

Work on the kitchen is moving along at a great pace. I can't believe how much they have accomplished in three short days.... well, maybe not SHORT days. Anyway, today they put luan (is that how you spell it?) on the floor, painted the walls the same light blue color as the bathroom. I'm not sure why the pictures make the room look yellow. Kind of makes me wish I had gone with yellow, but I really like the blue too. But I digress. So the floor is now prepped for the linoleum, the walls are painted and most of the cabinets are in. They still have to do the ones where the dishwasher will be, but I think that's all besides polishing up fine details and plumbing and electric stuff. They also started work on the ceiling in the bathroom, which got forgotten before, especially since I knew we had talked about it, but thought it had been budgeted out. There's still some negotiation about putting an air vent in, which was the whole point (I thought) of redoing the ceiling. But anyway, that's all primed to be finished on Monday along with the cabinets and maybe the floor. Then the counter-top guy comes and makes templates for the counters. They said they don't know how long it takes from template to installation, but I'm hoping not that long. Once the counter tops come, the sink goes in and the plumbing gets done. I think that's how it goes, anyway.

At the end of the day he pulled the plastic back to give me a peek and then he (his name is Dan) and Shannon each took a picture.

I was concerned that the bottom cabinets looked tall, but if you look carefully, you can see that the one that will be next to the sink is about 2 to 2-1/2 inches lower, so hopefully it will be easier for me to work at... and there will be higher counter space for tall people who work standing. There's also extra kick space underneath to make it easier when you're sitting.

And just look at all that storage space. How awesome is that?
Angel went back and forth between hiding and checking everything out today, but she wanted to play tonight, so I think she's feeling better about things. She hasn't wanted to play since all this began. It's great to have her being more like herself again. Except for being kind of glued to my side all day yesterday and part of today, Tara (as is her way) seems to be taking it all in stride.

So that's the renovation news until Monday.


Reston Friends! said...

It looks lovely! Will the cabinets above be a problem for you with reaching for things? I have a great device my husband got me that "grabs" things with an extension. I use it for stuff under my kids' beds, but it works overhead as well. I'd be happy to send one your way!

Melli said...

Oh WOW! It really IS coming along! It seems to me when they made our counter tops it did take awhile... but that could have just been the people OUR contractor used! Your people seem to be doing EVERYTHING at warp speed! I am SO impressed!!! You must be getting SO excited now!

Argent said...

I bet you can barely wait, the end is so close. It sure does look nice though.

Janie B said...

Won't be long now! Very exciting!

Carletta said...

It's beautiful - Dan is the man!
I know you're getting excited. I bet Angel feels your excitement. :)

I hope the counters won't take long. I'll cross my fingers that it won't.

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