Friday, November 26, 2010

Wordzzle Announcement

Just a reminder that we are on a brief wordzzle break.  I was going to just take this week off because of Thanksgiving, but I think we'll take a break until January because everyone is busy with holiday planning and shopping and so on.  So.... we'll be back on January 7th... and hopefully our small band of faithful players will remember and return.   Words for the 7th can be found here.

Enjoy the holiday season and the break.  I think that Argent may continue writing Harold episodes even without the words, so do check in. Harold's adventures are getting very exciting.

See you in six weeks.


Argent said...

I'll certainly be back. If I write any Harolds then I'll try to remember to leave a comment here to let you know.

Heather said...

Happy Holidays To you All. I did put Up the wordzzle for today>
With all the time I took off from wordzzling I have plenty of Wordzzle words to keep me wordzzling with back story,which may or may not get posted< but like Argent I'll keep you posted if I post it.

Argent said...

OK, I've posted a 'not a wordzzle' episode of Harold for your (I hope) enjoyment. You can read it here.