Sunday, July 20, 2008

Project Black, Take 11: Jasmine Jaguar

It's day eleven of Anna Carson's Project Black. Black eared and spotted, Jasmine Jaguar is a reiki critter, which means I use her when I do long distance healing for animals. I got Jasmine when I was in Arizona. I found an on-line company that sold stuffed animals really cheap. Originally she was going to be a gift for my great niece but I decided to keep her when I met her. She had reiki written all over her. Doesn't she have an amazingly expressive face?

I tried to resist this, but (butt?).... prepare to groan.... Angel felt the need to assist with

the tail end of the project...

I am my father's daughter, kernel off the old corn cob... couldn't help myself... these last two aren't very good and they don't add much, but there was that pun, taunting me, luring me on and I just had to add them. I tried to combine them into one side by side shot, but each of the two programs I tried it with crashed the computer, so.... Herein ends my tale... or is it tail... or....

Have a nice Sunday!

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Jasmine Jaguar


Carletta said...

Clever Raven, very clever!
I like the lone paw and the one with the light spotlighted on her head and of course the "end" shot of Angel and Jasmine - that is just too cute!

Britt said...

haha- i love puns!
great subject for PB!

YellowRose said...

Love the shot of the paw! Your post was really cute too!

Robert said...

We'd have been disappointed if you didn't go for the pun. :) Cute jaguar. I'd probably keep him for Lily if I had one.

ilanadavita said...

Nice ones.

MyMaracas said...

Another pun lover! Always glad to meet someone with a great sense of humor. I love the light in the third one, and the punny ones, of course.

I'm having a bout of insomnia, so I'm off too Googe reiki.

photowannabe said...

Great photos. That is one cute face there and the end of the tale is perfect. Love the sense of humor you show.
To answer your question, the picnic caddy has places for the knives, forks and spoons. There are slots for napkins and dishes also. I put it on our table when we have a BBQ. Eveerything is in one place and we can help ourselves. I did wonder if I should explain myself when I posted but I got lazy....LOL

Dillo said...

Glad you went there! Fun and fitting pictures. Liked your post re "listening' also. Good writing!

Puns are great! Thanks for that!

Robin said...

Groooooooan! You did put a smile on my face though, between the tail pun and the butt shot.

Bob-kat said...

Great take on project black and much more friendly looking than the big cat I posted for it! :)

Ladynred said...

These are great shots. Look like you were having fun shooting the puns!

ellen b said...

fun stuff Raven! Your so punny! I hope you have a wonderful week...

Rose De Dan said...

Loved the photos! I use a cousin of Jasmine Jaguar's as a surrogate when I do distance sessions for my clients. He's a lovely tiger.

As another Reiki practitioner I invite you to submit a story to the ebook I am collecting. You can read a great Reiki story and view the details at "Calling All Reiki Stories" on my blog at:

Best wishes,