Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Black, Take 9: Treasures

It's day nine of Anna Carson's Project Black. I'm not too happy with these. I wish I had had Janet's great hint (thank you, Janet!) about the flash before I did this series, but I didn't. I'm being silly again, of course. Seems the Akua'ba was so enamored of the attention he got the other day that he wanted to play again, so I let him. Each of the items in these photos - including Ku - was a gift. The black and red box (top) came from Russia and was a gift from a co-worker many years ago. The Raku pot was made for me by a friend in college. It is a bit worse for wear after 40 years and five moves, but I still love it. The picture frame was a gift from my friend Rosalie this past Sunday. That's a photo of my father as a kid - probably taken in 1913 or 1914. Guess that's it. These are odd. One of the things I like about Anna's projects is that I'm more willing to experiment. It still makes me nervous and (Dianne, I hear you laughing) so I'm going to apologize for my need to constantly apologize instead of just posting stuff. Aggggh. It's not easy being me. Happy Friday.

Angel has mostly worked behind the scenes for Project Black, but felt a need to assist today. She didn't approve of yesterday's boot project either, but today she was unable to contain her disapproval of my artistic vision.

Little Akua'ba was happy but exhausted after the shoot. Poor guy.

Angel, on the other hand, was just annoyed...

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Bunny Trails said...

The Akua-ba shots are really fun! But I just love the shot of Angel - such a typical cat expression.

Carletta said...

You do need to stop apologizing you know! ;)

I love the one of the bowl by itself - I love the simplicity of that shot.
I also like the shot of the bowl and the photo with Ku behind it and the angle.
Poor little Akua'ba lying down was a hoot!
Nice job Raven my friend!

Michael Manning said...

ANGEL! Ah yes, well we have a Puppy store nearby that features a cat that is the official door greeter. He sits on an Ottoman resting and when someone opens the door they usually get a soft Meow (hey, this Cat has been to Wal-Mart and knows how to save his voice). Viva Raven and her Cats!!! :D)

dcr said...

But the photo of your cat is actually my favorite. Love that pose and the look on her (his?) face.

Michelle said...

I found this quote that I think suits this "A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into. ~Ansel Adams" Raven..with your photographs and commentary, we get to look into you which is why we keep coming back.

Laura said...

I love the kitty cat one!!! VERY cute!

annette said...

More treasures!! I love Akua'ba lying down, poor fella, he has been busy of late, but he is very photogenic!! The last photo of your feline friend is a beauty. BTW, no apologies necessary, its fun to experiment and get feedback, Happy Friday to you Raven:0)

Leora said...

My favorite is your cat in the raku pot. I also like Akua'ba behind the raku pot, next to your father as a little boy. The raku pot alone is nice on its own. Whimsical, friendly, warm photos.

tt said...

love-love-love the kittie photo!!!

Brian said...

Dear Raven, love your blog need to have a good and longer look around, I thought the ones about the part trucks was brill.

Have added you blog onto my list of Favorite Blogs!


the teach said...

Ah, love the story you tell! And that little guy Akua'ba is so dear! I love him! :)

Amber Star said...

Loved your photos today, as usual, and the picture of your dad is much like the pictures we all had taken when we were little. I have one of my husband on a pony like that. Mine got lost in a "picture custody" disagreement sometime in my family's weird history.

Your cat is very beautiful, too and certainly has her take on how you should shoot these pictures, for sure. She was moving like crazy setting the shot up for you in one of them. :)

Geraldine said...

I thought this was a great post Raven. I liked all the objects and of course your lovely cat, that you included. I agree, stop apologizing!!!!

Dianne said...

I love michelle's comment with the quote! it does suit you perfectly.

and as I've mentioned before I think you have a brilliant eye for composition.

I laughed at your description of Angel's "behind the scenes help" - I can just imagine!

another wonderful series!

juliana said...

these are all well composed and i enjojed every one of them. the kitty is a hoot.

quilly said...

I momentarily lost control of my life and have missed a few black posts, but I just went through them and I have to tell you, don't listen to the cat. I loved the boot shots! That little bear was cute, too.

However, f this particular series what I like most is the humor in your writing, Akua'ba exhausted, and the kitty's sprawl interrupted.