Monday, June 23, 2008

The Alphabet Backwards: "J" is for ?????

Well, it's the dreaded Alphabet Backwards day and today's letter is J. What a wonderful range of possiblities J offers - Joy, judgement, jelly fish, jamboree, jambalaya, juvenile, Jesus, June, July, Jasmine...

Jumpin Jehosephats! What should I write about? I was going to write about impeachment again (aka justice), but since next week is the letter "I," readers have lucked out on having to read through another tirade.

I'd do a tribute to George Carlin and his Jokes, but my friend Dianne has already done a wonderful job of that.

I'd write about jogging but since I can barely walk across a room, that would just be insincere an silly. Then there's jealousy, but that's not something I really experience. Envy sometimes - you know - the I'm glad you have that but I'd like it too kind of thing. I thought about writing about jaguars (the big cats, not the car), a magnificent and endangered species that I'm particularly fond of... I've had dreams in which I turn into a jaguar, which I thought was pretty cool. But I don't really have a lot to say on the subject that you can't read at the Defenders of Wildlife site.

I'm adding this late. I was reminded by Jay Simser at Bailey's Buddy that he's a Jay, so I thought I'd add a link... and as long as I'm acknowledging Jays, there's also the other Jay, at Cynical Bastard. They are both wonderful and are great wordzzlers to boot.

So I'm going to do a total cheat today and say that "J" is for JUST DON'T WANT TO DO THIS. How's that for cheating?

Maybe it's this beautiful June weather. It's a gorgeous day here today. Makes me feel joyful at the beauty. I'd call it Spring fever but it's officially summer now. Whatever the reason, I'm copping out on writing something meaningful and still crossing the letter J off my list. Just like that.

My apologies. I wanted to post couple of George Carlin clips, but they aren't very polite, so I decided instead to post some pictures of Jamaica. I visited Jamaica many, many years ago and loved the beauty of the country and the kindness of the people. So here's a little beauty for your day. The second video is Jamaican Bob Marley singing about War.

And so I creep quietly away from "J" late in the afternoon on a Monday in June. Wishing you Jokes, Justice, Joy and Jolly times.


Jay Simser said...

Funny, I always though "J" was for me. j

Dianne said...

that was fun!!

Raven said...

Jay! Why didn't I think of that! LOL...

dianne - thanks... fun for you maybe... I dragged myself kicking and screaming through the whole thing.

SnoopMurph said...

You had a very jubilant grand-niece visiting me this weekend....see pics on my blog!

I heard a great tribute to George Carlin on NPR today-didn't hear the entirety but the callers recalled some terrific stories about him.

Carletta said...

I clicked over here to see if you had posted for Tuesday and see I missed this. It was a very enjoyable read.
"Just don't want to do it works for me" - :)

George Carlin will certainly be missed.