Thursday, June 05, 2008

Poem(s) of the Week: Love Poems

I'm kind of especially insecure about these, but I'm posting them anyway. Fortunately, nobody much reads the poems of the week. That makes me sad and also relieved most weeks.

Your back looked so lonely facing me

But still, I thought I might offend it

If I moved (ever so softly) close

And so I lay there


Because your back

Looked as lonely as my arms . . .

Which just didn't seem possible

- Katherine E. Rabenau

Moving through the uncharted jungle
Of your moods
Your mouth, arms, and chest
The close, fierce embrace
Which threatens to erase all sign
That I have been here beside you
I am afraid, so afraid
That like some evil snake
You will swallow me and go your way
Forgetting that I ever was

I lie here
Beside you in the thickening grass
Which seems to grow between our resting bodies
Camouflage my thoughts in silence
While instincts too strong for mind's control
Prepare, defend, attack
I will not die so easy in this love as you may think
King of the jungle though you be.

We neither of us want, I think,
This secret war we wage

We do not mean to stalk ourselves like beasts of prey

Or hide within the thorny deeps of our own fears

Alas we do not die within out loves, they die in us

And we are left to chart our jungles alone.

- Katherine E. Rabenau


JP/deb said...

I enjoyed both of these poems, but the first was absolutely exquisite ...

the last 3 lines:
Because your back
Looked as lonely as my arms . . .
Which just didn't seem possible

these words are visually and emotionally abundant in such a simple, elegant wrapping.


Stacey Huston said...

Raven, you shouldn't be insecure about these poems they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.
As for the elk.. not sick or old. He is a very young elk, but we had a COLD winter and he is just shedding..I have more of cows and calves looking just as pittiful.. but rest assured they are very healthy, and will feel much better once the rest of their winter coat sheds off.. have a great weekend

Sailor Girl said...

I agree with Stacey huston, and please NEVER BE INSECURE!!! You are WHO and WHAT you are and nobody has anything to say about that!!! They should mind their own business and YOU SHOULD BE AND FEEL HAPPY!!!

I hope my blog Atlântico Azul helps you!!!

Agoraphobia is treatable, I guess it's like a depression. I'm fighting a chronic depression for some years and blogging helps me a lot!! When I panic I go to some of my blogs and write something completely crazy ot insane and I DO NOT CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE THINKING I'M CRAZY OR NOT!

And it's so funny!

I'm so glad you liked my contributions for Anna Carson's Project Blue!!!

I also like yours!!

You should GO OUT to the River or to the Ocean and SAIL!!! Have you ever thought about going on a Cruise Ship??? Or Sailing Ship?? IT'S AWSOME AND EXTREMELLY HELPFUL FOR AGORAPHOBIA as you cannot escape (LOOL) and being surrounded by the sea, watching the waves, the dolphins swimming along with us, watching the moon and the stars at night is really great!

Please think about it!!!!


Sassy Mama Bear said...

Do not be insecure, these are lovely and well written. I enjoyed them very much.

Anonymous said...

Just thought that I'd return the visit that you paid me.I hope that you are havinhg a great day today.That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

the teach said...

Katherine, both beautiful, emotional about difficulty in love. So expertly expressed! :)

Dianne said...

I love all you write and I never tire of telling you so.

I especially like the first one. Your work comforts me Raven - often and completely.

If you touch just one person that is huge! and I know you touch many.

Sweetie08 said...

I love reading and writing poetry. . . I think the first poem is just wonderful :) It's really touching.

Jeanne Damoff said...

I agree with the others, Raven. Beautiful and moving. The first one, especially, struck a deep chord. You probably feel insecure because you've done what is necessary to good poetry--made yourself vulnerable by pouring your heart into words.

If that's not the case, then you're an awfully good faker! ;)


Carletta said...

I loved them.
Jp/deb was struck by the same verse I was - I stopped reading right there for a moment because I was totally caught up in the words.

Beautiful work!
People who don't read these are missing something.

Seraphine said...

I loved the poems.
See, people read them.
The first, with the
lonely back and the
lonely arms, was quite
moving in an unmoving way.