Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daily Reminder # 109

Modified from a photo by Shannon Dermody of my hands on the keyboard
Music heals. Music uplifts. Music connects our left and right brains. Sometimes there is nothing better to soothe a troubled spirit.  

Some beautiful music for tonight's reminder:

Some things I'm grateful for tonight:

  • Music
  • my voice 
  • singing
  • ears to hear
  • Judy Collins
  • the piano
  • purring kitties giving me head butts
  • naughty kitties requesting play
  • Life
  • friends

May Your Day Sing to You!

1 comment:

Michael Manning said...

Raven: Before I left Texas several years ago, I was in a bookstore reading a book on a sofa, when I heard this song sung by Eva Cassidy. I tried to ignore it, but ended up asking the clerk about it because I first heard it as a kid from Judy Collins. This post brings me back to it again! Nice!!