Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daily Reminder # 113

My new "frenemy" arrived today.... well, technically, it arrived on Saturday but I wasn't able to get it into the house until this morning. I haven't opened the box yet. I'm letting it settle in. Letting myself get accustomed to the idea of using a walker, dreading unpacking it and putting it together. Tomorrow I will unbox it and hopefully be able to assemble it. We will see. Have I wasted $70? Will it make getting around easier or will it trip me up and land me on the floor in a humiliated heap? Time will tell. 

It's hard, sometimes to adjust to a new image of yourself. Using a walker is something OLD people do. Silly really... but I'm fighting with the impulse to turn this into something "bad" that has happened. I did the same thing with using my cane. I lurched around panic-stricken for at least a year rather than "succumb" to the weakness of needing to lean on something.  My friend E finally persuaded me to try a cane. It has helped me ever since. The walker will no doubt be the same. A blessing that will make moving around easier. We will see. Tonight I will reset my attitude. I will remember my mantra (well Alan Cohen's mantra...): "Thank you for everything. I have no complaints whatsoever."  And so it is. 

big box... the walker... day one
will it be friend or foe?

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • my new walker
  • my cane
  • legs that still hold me up
  • angels
  • my friend Kailie Ellie
  • reiki
  • Thai lemon coconut soup (really good)
  • punny Monday  (you really should try it)
  • the transformation of negatives into positives
  • Life

Have a Great Day!


quilly said...

I used a walker when I hurt my ankle and I used a walker when I wrenched my knee. Since my knee never healed properly I assume the walker will play a part in my future, too. Getting around is more important to me than how I do so. Try it. You just may like the security! Don't forget to get a basket for carrying things! I just used a big old bag for mine!

Argent said...

I'm partially sighted and have prided myself on now having to use screen magnifiers (hardware of software) on my computer. Within the last few months though, it's been getting more of a struggle to see properly and my eyes have been tired and dry at day's end. I got me some magnifying software and it's a boon. It's not weakness to make use of things to help us, we're cutting off our nose to spite our faces sometimes. I hope you and your new frenemy get along.

Raven said...

Quilly, argent - thanks so much for the encouragement. I'm sure this will help. Quilly - it comes with a basket... was about half price at Amazon.com. Not the color I would have chosen but the color that was on sale... and who cares, really what color it is... Has a seat too, though I may be too heavy to use it. I think those are some of my fears... that I'll break it... or it will break me... and then of course today brings the challenge of getting the stupid thing out of the box and put together. I imagine there will be a fair amount of foul language polluting my cat's ears today.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement.

Janie B said...

Open the box already!! You won't know 'til you try.