Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daily Reminder # 122

Well, I'm going to borrow Neale Donald Walsh's daily email again today, because I don't have much original on my mind and I like what he has to offer. Somewhere in the course of my day - at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website, maybe - I realized that there is something I never remember to be consciously grateful for, so it's on my list tonight. I'm really conscious about things like clean water that's so abundant here but not everywhere in the world, but I realized that except when it goes off, I totally take Electricity for granted. But what a different world it would be without it. No tv, no telephone, no internet, no lights or fans or....refrigerators or.... So easy to take the miracles around us for granted...

On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God 
wants you to know...that it is the sweet, simple 
things of life which are the real ones after all.

Laura Ingalls Wilder said that, and she was right. 
This seems such simple stuff, such simplistic 
knowledge, yet when we truly embrace it as 
our living reality, our day-to-day lives begin 
to change in very important ways.

So take a look today and this evening at what 
sweet, simple things of life you may be looking 
past, or right over, and neither seeing nor 
enjoying.  Look closely.  They are likely to be 
right in front of your face -- something you're 
looking through every day.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • electricity
  • angels
  • Angel and Tara Grace
  • friends
  • Jon Stewart's Restore Sanity Rally
  • a clean litter box and garbage put out
  • water
  • a good mattress
  • colors
  • words and writing
  • sound
  • life

Have a Glorious Day 
Full of Simple Miracles!

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