Monday, September 27, 2010

Daily Reminder # 119

I just had a discussion of sorts at Huffington Post trying to defend reiki to one of those people who say they are scientific and therefore reject it, but do so without doing actually testing out their theory in any way, which I think is extremely UNscientific.  Anyway, I've used up my own creativity and I opened an email from a woman named Sally Jordan Austin and thought it was a lovely thing to share this evening.

Heaven Sent
Heaven is an opening within your heart to receive love, it is noticing the pattern in the clouds even as they begin to dissolving with the warming sun.
Heaven is a smile upon a stranger's face or a sudden suprise of an unexpected experience of joy.
Heaven can be found in taking a moment to play that brings forth such a well of happiness within, that you naturally wish to extend to others. Heaven can be found by making the choice to see yourself and this world in a new way: to look for the best that has always been apparent, but may have been obscured by the clouds of one's mind.
In choosing to smile at life, heaven can be created as a way of being that opens the door of hopefulness to all that may be possible. Heaven can be noticing what's there, rather what is absent. Heaven can be a kiss of sunshine on the face of the day, that you thought only held rain.
Transformation of life can occur in a moment when we set aside our problems, embrace what is new and taste the warm waters upon which life rests. Heaven may exist on our doorstep and in our hearts, or in a change in our experience that flows from the synchronicity that is noticed, when we allow our life to sing with heaven's blessings.
By Rev Sally Jordan Austin, M.A.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • Fall colors
  • Reiki
  • interesting emails
  • coffee
  • pineapple orange smoothies (one more left)
  • water
  • Angel and Tara Grace
  • That Angel is so loveable even when she is HORRIBLY naughty  as she was just moments ago
  • cooler air
  • laughter
  • music
  • Wordzzles

This is a strange photo... I just like the layers of light and
color - looks much better in life. 


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