Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 155

I'm going to post Mr. Linky and next week's words in case anyone else is ready to play and I'll add my exercises later or tomorrow because the back door is calling me and hopefully there will be some birds or a chipmunk or something to photograph. Back later to do my own wordzzles

Saturday afternoon: Finally got my offerings posted. Not really very happy with them, but at least they are done. Hope somebody else plays. It's lonely here in Wordzzle world.

Words for next week's 10-word challenge: waffle, shampoo, Oprah, chapter and verse, mouse, bumble bees, aspirations, the bloom is off the rose, make-up, frothy   And for the mini: treasure trove, potency, salamander, choice, cheddar cheese

My 10-word:

One of Megan Merander's life-long aspirations had been to meet Oprah. Megan could recite chapter and verse of every show Oprah ever did, every up and down moment of her life and she aspired to be like her in any way she could. Now that the moment she had waited for for more than 20 years - she had a ticket to one of Oprah's last shows - everything was going wrong. She had been feeling drab - "the bloom is off the rose" - she has whispered to her mirror a few days earlier, "something has to be done."  So she had decided to splurge on a make-over - new make-up, and a new hair-do at a fancy salon where  they had used some super frothy shampoo that smelled like waffles of all things. They had colored her hair to heighten the drab, mousy color and she had left feeling like a glamorous new woman. Until, that is, she had run into the bumble bees, who apparently were drawn to the waffle smell of her shampoo. Swollen and blotch with bee stings, she had phoned the show in tears to see if it was possible to exchange her tickets for a later date. Imagine her surprise when a camera crew showed up at her door and she got to be one of the super fans who actually met the great woman in person. From that day on, though she never used that shampoo again, Megan did do everything in her power to nurture the bumble bees of this world. "Life is strange," she would tell Oprah, in an "aha" moment. Just when you think a dream has been ruined by misfortune, it turns out that the Universe was really on your side all along."

The mini:

Pete Salamander had opened the Treasure Trove Bar and Grill in 1968 when he fell in love with his wife's recipe for macaroni and sharp cheddar cheese. Cheddar Cheese was Naomi's ingredient of choice in almost every meal she prepared and it wasn't long before the Treasure Trove was busy and profitable gathering place. Pete wasn't always sure if it was the cheddar cheese or the potency of the love and joy that Naomi cooked into the food that made it taste so good, but he knew his wife - and not just her cooking - were a gift beyond measure and that she enriched not just his life but every life she touched.

The mega:

Although she was sweet and kind, Naomi Salamander was no quiet little mouse, resigned to relative obscurity at the Treasure Trove restaurant. She had big aspirations. She was working on a cook book to provide chapter and verse information on cooking with cheddar cheese. In her imagination, she saw herself on Oprah, preparing a meal for the mega star and her audience because the cook book was one of her choices as for the favorite things give-away along with the shampoos and computers and other things. Naomi just knew she could do it. Meanwhile, she had enlisted Pete and the customers at the restaurant to make up with names for some of her best dishes. They had surprised her with the potency of their imaginations. Her favorites (she wasn't sure why) were The Bloom is off the Rose for her frothy cheddar omelet, Bumble Bees Love It for her Cheddar cheese cake, and The Treasure Trove's not just Belgian Waffles for her cheddar waffles. The waffles were probably her favorite dish of all time.  She was really looking forward to meeting Oprah. She just knew it would happen.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge: laugh and the world laughs with you, life-changing, ample, chronic, chastise, diamonds are a girls best friend, four more, open windows, banana, song birds

And for the mini: temper tantrum, music, paper towels, charitable, speak no evil

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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