Thursday, March 15, 2012

And I'm Still Spring Fevered

Please pray for Tara Grace. She has been doing so splendidly, maybe a little congested and then the day before yesterday, she was stuffed up and lethargic and not eating. She had crunchies last night, but she is not really eating and has just spent the day in the big chair in my bedroom.  Vet is coming tomorrow. Dennis Puffett zapped her but she doesn't seem to have had her usual response to his good energy. Prayers are greatly appreciated.

TARA GRACE UPDATE:  Vet came and took her and cleaned her nose and clipped her claws. She has no fever, just really congested. They gave me something to help her decongest and want me to close her into the bathroom with the hot water running to steam her congestion out of her a bit. Hopefully she will be ok and eating well again soon.

Also want to remind everyone (well the 3 of you who visit) that another season of Healing with the Masters has begun. It's free and the speakers are well worth your time. 

On to the President.... 

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