Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 226

Well, at least I remembered that it's Friday and have got the words ready on time this week. Alas, I am short of energy. Had a friend in crisis today, Angel in kitty torment because she wants to play and then doesn't want to play and I myself am just tired in that yucky way that is part physical part depression. Anyway... unless I get a burst of energy later on, I'll just post the words and Mr. Linky and so my exercises tomorrow.

6:25 PM Saturday:  I struggled with these words. Not very happy with the results, but so it goes. The Lone Wordzzler soldiers on and does her best.

Words for this week's 10 word challenge: festive, bright red, hugs to all, macaroni and cheese, grief, obstreperous, fortune, mistake, zebra stripes, alphabetical   And for the mini: your choice, drastic, hood, sparkling, smelly

My mega:

Sabrina Smelly loved her extravagant home. Although she reduced to living on macaroni and cheese  and almost everyone she knew gave her grief over what they termed the "mistake" of spending a fortune on decorating, she didn't care. Fred, her husband, would not have minded the expense so much if her taste had not been what he decreed in one particularly obsterperous pre divorce debate - "beyond hideous... Your choice of bright red walls and zebra stripe accessories for our bedroom, for example," he had gone on, "is the so comically bad it could be featured in a bad design magazine, especially when you put the purple and pink wallpaper in the en suite bathroom adjacent to it. It's like moving from one nightmare into another. Then there's the sparkling alphabetical letters theme in the den and the chartreuse hood on the stove and the drastic contrast of the pumpkin colored walls. Some onlookers had been somewhat puzzled by the almost festive "hugs to all" attitude with which she had embraced her husband's departure from their marriage. "The house is yours," he had said in the divorce settlement, "I never want to see it again."  Six weeks later, when her "decorating consultant" moved in and what turned out to be rented decor was quickly removed, she was overheard telling him, "We need a new plan, Jason, darling.  I'm not sure how much longer I could have stood the ugliness. But he house is ours now... I'm quite fond of this one. Maybe it's time to retire."  Unfortunately, for Sabrina and Jason, the person who overheard their conversation happened to be a cop on the vice squad, who did some checking into Sabrina's past, which turned out to be quite a checkered one. Fred, it turned out, was not the first victim of this particular pair. Fred got his house and most of his money back and Jason and Sabrina got jail cells to decorate for a significant period of time.

My mini:

Food critic, Joseph Hood, called the young chef to his table and greeted him warmly. "Your choice of sparkling wine and this odd, smelly cheese initially struck me as a drastic miscalculation, but I am pleased to tell you that I was mistaken. You have created a culinary masterpiece and taught and old critic some new tricks. My review will be a rave. Congratulations.

And my 10-word:

Although early on, many of her friends had thought that Jane's marriage to her obstreperous and eccentric artist husband was a  mistake, over the years, they had come to love him and his odd blend of contentiousness and "hugs to all" behavior. Thirty years later, when he died too young after a short illness, she had decided that the best way to honor his memory would be to swallow her grief and throw the festive "going away" party he had always told her he wanted. Mourners were asked to wear bright red and something with a zebra stripe - to match the decor of the deceased's coffin, which he had custom created for himself many years earlier. They drank wine, feasted on macaroni and cheese (his favorite meal), and shared memories of their late host. Much to the surprise of all, each guest - in alphabetical order. as per her late husband's instructions - was given with a signed painting or other work of art. "I want you to know," Jane told them, "that he himself chose who would receive which painting and he put great thought into it. Some of you have received lesser works because he thought you would love them and for a few he chose items that are potentially worth a fortune, because he knew you were struggling financially. He hid the bigness of his heart from strangers, but you who are gathered here knew it well. Before he died, he managed to create one final work - an homage to each and all of us here. I don't know if I am seeing it through the eyes of my grief, but I think it is his greatest work. It was his final gift to me and I wish all of you to be the first to see it." So saying, she uncovered a painting which was indeed a masterpiece - not just of art - but of love so moving that not one of them could refrain from weeping. It was a remarkable evening and each person present left feeling enriched in spirit and with a renewed commitment to watch over Jane for the rest of their lives, which they did, although her husband's final masterpiece left her quite well provided for all by itself.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  whisper, rest, carrot cake, pregnant, robot, pressure, play, sloth, category, needy 

And for the mini: challenge, cramped, particles, spice, pastoral

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

O America

PBS had a Celtic Women program on last night. I'm not all that fond of them... or at least I blow hot and cold, but I had never heard this song before and I found it beautiful and moving. My inner patriot got all stirred up.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 225

I forgot again.  Between the disruption (sort of) of Thanksgiving and my continuing sadness about Tara Grace, I just completely forgot it was Friday and Wordzzle day. Needless to day, since it's after 10 pm, I won't be posting anything until tomorrow. I do apologize for being so consistently inconsistent and late.

3:30 Saturday:  Done. I seem to have gone all serious and gloomy this weekend. Sorry. 

Words for this week's 10-word challenge:  humor, loss, marijuana, weekend, cold, wrist, Hercules, danger, mouse, disconnected,   And for the mini: girls, movies, compromise, tremendous, chalk

My mega:  

Hercules Montgomery - he had spent a lifetime paying a heavy price for his parents sense of "humor" - took another drag of his marijuana joint, knocking the ashes into a nearby ashtray with a deft flick of his wrist and shivered in the cold darkness of his home. He sat in front of the dark computer screen, mouse in hand, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it was disconnected. It was only with tremendous effort that he pulled the frayed strands of his thoughts together enough to remember that it was his weekend to have custody and that and he was supposed to take his girls to the movies. The   herculean (no pun intended) efforts of his lawyer to get his ex wife to compromise and give him any access to their children would now be a total loss. She had warned him over and over of the danger his addictions posed and he had refused to listen. How ironic, that only now - when he had thrown away everything - could he truly hear her voice. He grasped a cup of cold coffee and drank it down in one gulp. It tasted like chalk, but it woke him up enough to push away some of the torpor of drugs and booze. Then, with shaking hands, he took his stash out of the desk drawer, headed to the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet. Next, he poured all the alcohol down the drain. Then - the hardest part - he dialed the phone and said the words she had prayed to hear all during their marriage. "Babe, I need help."

My mini:

 During the months of his rehab, one of the things that kept Herc Montgomery going was the desire to see his girls again and to redeem his broken promise to take them to the movies. His ex refused to compromise on the need for him to stay clean and sober for a full year before he could see the girls again. Years later - in retrospect - he recognized that her stubborn insistence and been a tremendous motivating force holding him firmly on course to recovery. The day when he did not react to those words like the sound of fingers on a chalk board, both he and his counselor knew he was truly on the road to recovery.

My 10-word:   

One of the best things about being recovered, Hercules thought, was that he had found his sense of humor again, although he had not recognized it's loss while he was actively in the thrall of his vices. In fact he had though himself the funniest guy in the room. That was perhaps the greatest danger of addition - the distortion of reality. Despite his heroic name, he had spent most of his life feeling more like a mouse than a man and had used drugs and booze to mask that pain. The irony was that marijuana and whiskey had in reality produced quite the opposite impression to others. That had been one of the greatest revelations during recovery. There had been a painful weekend at the clinic when his friends and family confronted him with the impact of his behavior on their lives. His wife and his parents had shared their devastation as he had become increasingly cold and disconnected.  The most devastating moment - the one that would be seared on his heart forever - was hearing his 12-year old daughter talk about her dread of hearing the words "you don't have to twist my wrist," which had apparently often preceded a major bout. Nothing he could ever do would take away the hurt he had caused these people - people he loved deeply - but he had known in that moment that he would spend the rest of his life doing his best to atone.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  festive, bright red, hugs to all, macaroni and cheese, grief, obstreperous, fortune, mistake, zebra stripes, alphabetical 

And for the mini: your choice, drastic, hood, sparkling, smelly

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


As the person who sent this to me said, I don't know if this is true of not...  I never believed the Ohio vote in 2004 and this story makes a lot of sense to me. There's a lot I don't really like about Anonymous, but if this is true, I like them a whole lot more than I did.  If this is true, we really need to do so me work on how we cast our votes so that we make sure no future elections can be stolen.  It's worth noting -which this story doesn't mention - that the voting machines in Ohio were purchased by a company with connections to Romney's son and to Bain Capitol.  Anyway, it's an interesting video.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 224

Needless to say, it has been a difficult week and I completely lost track of what day of the week it is, so I am behind schedule as usual but with a better excuse this week.  I think I'll just post the words and Mr. Linky for the moment and do my exercises tomorrow if all goes well.

5:30 PM:  This week's exercises are a series of pretty lame tributes to the late Tara Grace. I'm not sure the last one makes any sense. I was tired by the time I got to it. Sorry about that.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were:   school, letter to the editor, service, turkey, furnace, weeds, trading, rambling, crass, forgery   And for the mini: general, affair, color, laughter, pepper

My mega: 

Raven sat reading through a long, crass and rambling letter to the editor which had been penned by some moronic, ignorant turkey of a "citizen"  (not that she was biased) about Obama's birth certificate being a forgery and how school children were in danger of being indoctrinated into socialism and Islam (no explanation given as to how two such divergent and incompatible systems could be meshed together). She peppered her reading of said letter with language which her mother would not have found acceptable. Generally, she tried to meet those who engaged in racism and hatred with laughter - it seemed the best medicine and what such nonsense deserved - but today her mood was colored by grief and she was trading sorrow for crankiness. She was grateful for the purring furnace (hey -that's a pun!) of Angel's little furry body in her arms. The hugs were like a healing service they offered to one another to stave off the weeds of grief and loss. Mourning was a strange affair, full of complex and confused emotions. Like the murder of her sister, this death had caught Raven off guard, both because it was unexpected and because sometimes we don't recognize the depth of our love for another until they are gone from us. Who would have thought that 4.7 pounds of shy, stubborn gray sweetness would leave such a gaping emptiness behind her?  "We will be OK," Raven whispered to Angel. And she knew it was true. "We will be sad for a time, but only Tara's body died, not her love. That's forever."

My mini:  

When Tara Grace first came into her life, Raven never imagined that it would be the start of a love affair (not that kind) that would touch her so deeply. Who would have believed that the sad, skinny, gray creature who was afraid to even come near her - would evolve into a source of laughter and head butts and such deep and tender emotions. Not Raven, to be honest. She has felt her heart ache with grief as Tara would sit herself 4 feet away and look with what could not be mistaken as anything but longing for affection mixed with fear and dread of receiving it. She had wondered in those early days if she wasn't making a mistake. But it hadn't been a mistake. Tara had turned out to be a gift that kept on giving, a riddle wrapped in a mystery, a complex and inspiring spirit who had come through suffering and abuse and retained her gentleness. Tara was a mix of contradictions as well. Loving her might have been frustrating to someone who wanted desperately to be able to pick her up and hug her, but she was anything but boring. She played like a ballerina, dancing around the room, batting some toy or other, but when that delicate ballerina spoke she had the raspy voice of a long-shoreman and it sounded like her words were peppered with language that might be described as colorful. Demure and delicate much of the time, she could also be like a general marshaling the troops when she was ready for her bed-time crunchies, and for all her fear of touch, she had compensated by curling up on Raven's hip during the night. In the end, Raven had discovered that that tiny, skinny little body had held a Spirit of enormous size. She had left a strange kind of quiet behind her. Not that she had been a noisy cat. She hadn't. (She had sneezed a lot and talked from time to time she was not a loud presence.) Even so, that was the best description Raven could come up with. It might be that emptiness was a better word. Whatever words you used,  huge tiny presence was gone... and she was missed. Raven was grateful to have been touched and changed by Tara's wise, gentle and loving presence in her life.

And the 10-word: 

Although she never sent it, Raven had briefly pondered writing a letter to the editor on the subject of stray cats.Here was how it began:  Like many rescued animals, in the school of life, Tara Grace suffered much, learned much and taught much. She spent part of her life hiding in the weeds, rambling in the woods, maybe trying to sneak into some basement somewhere trading the "safety" of freedom to steal a night of comfort by from a warm furnace. It was clear that my Tara was brutalized at one time by some crass bully whose manhood was a forgery, some sadistic turkey who hit and starved her to make himself feel more important. Despite that, Tara never lost her gentle spirit. We pay so much lip service in our lives to love and compassion, to our reverence for life. Then we don't spay our animals and we send them out to breed with others and leave those off-spring to fend for themselves or be killed. We treat them like toys we can ignore when we are busy and play with when we are bored. We talk about being good Christians, we talk about love and generosity. We have so much to learn from these animals we abuse - sometimes actively, sometimes by indifference. But they have so much to teach us. Their capacity to love and forgive is more profound than that of most humans I have met. My cats have taught me more about life and love than any humans. I wish we as a society would take action to more actively protect them. Each of the 4 cats who has come into my life has enriched it beyond measure and made my world a better place. 


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  humor, loss, marijuana, weekend, cold, wrist, Hercules, danger, mouse, disconnected, 

And for the mini: girls, movies, compromise, tremendous, chalk

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In Memoriam: Tara Grace

Thank you to those who have sent good wishes and hugs and prayers for Tara Grace. She remained stubborn and sweet to the very end but died very quickly. I didn't betray her trust and hold her until after she died. She hated being held, so I allowed her that dignity until she was gone from her body and then the very kind vet allowed me to sit and hold Tara in my arms for about 15-20 minutes before she had to leave and go to her next call. She said she thinks Tara was probably almost 19 and that she had been living on borrowed time for a very long time. She is at peace now and no longer in pain. Me... I'm crying a lot. 

Unknown - November 14, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prayers for Tara Grace

Tara Grace - also known as Our Lady of Perpetual Congestion - has taken a downturn over night. We could use your prayers and would very much appreciate them.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 223

Oops.  Started this in the afternoon and then got a phone call and then got involved in something else and completely forgot about finishing it up.  Sigh.  I should never write these this late because it takes me forever and I keep digressing to other things. Sign. It's 10:30 and I just finished the mini. I kind of like that one. It's a love story. The mega is kind of stupid, if I do say so myself. Now I still have the 10-word and less than no enthusiasm. But I must persevere. 11:00 pm. Finally finished. Not my best, but it's done. 

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were:  
horrors, family, ginger, relevant, center, cheaters never prosper, flag, twine, mayonnaise, he's got my vote,  And for the mini: books, pressed, off the wall, anchor, lavender

My mega: 

Identical twin sisters Lavender and Ginger Twine, were passionate about politics, but the similarity ended there. Ginger was an arch conservative, while Lavender was an equally fervid progressive. To make the situation even more bizarre, each of them anchored an opinion spot on rival news stations and the networks, smelling ratings gold, made sure that the sisters aired at different hours so that viewers could tune in and delight in two identical faces uttering totally opposing views on the horrors of one candidate or another. Ginger was prone to recite complex collections of talking points and often closed her segment by saying, "He's got my vote," while waving a small American flag. Lavender, on the other hand was inclined to more cerebral conversations with authors of relevant books on various political and social topics. This approach was partly just the natural bent of liberals as a collective but was probably also a response to being the only liberal in a family of rather stodgy conservatives. The Twines were Republican royalty of sorts and considered Lavender with her compassion for the poor and for animals - she was a vegan of all things! - to be rather off the wall.  She had spent her teen and college years pressed to defend her every decision - from volunteering at a Health Care and Abortion Center that catered to the poor to eating vegan mayonnaise - from derision or ethical challenge. "Cheaters never prosper," a family mantra and they aimed it at her as though compassion for the poor was a crime rather than a display of goodness. It was a matter of significant satisfaction to her, therefore, that while her sister won the family battles, her programs won both the ratings wars and awards for excellence in journalism. That said, sweet as that revenge was, she would have traded her public acclaim for a little respect from the family that seemed incapable of loving her.

My  mini: 

Megan loved the Off the Wall book store. She loved the smells and the people and the odd old volumes she found there which sometimes held delightful surprises. Once she had pulled a book about anchors off one of the crowded shelves only to find an old love note ans a sprig of lavender pressed between two of the pages. And she had met George there. How could 45 years have flown by so quickly? They had visited old hole in the wall store often and the owner had become one of their best friends. She had rather dreaded returning to their old haunt, but in his will George had told her he had left something for her there. When she had arrived, she was surprised to feel a sense of comfort as though George was watching over her. When Jack - the owner - handed her a sealed envelope, she had opened it with trembling hands. It read, "Beloved wife, how I have loved you. I know when I am first gone, you will need a purpose, so I have left you 11 (your favorite number) surprises here at our favorite book store. Not even Jack knows where they are, but I know you will find them and when you are done, you will know for sure that I will never really leave you or you me. I love you always. George."  Laughing, she showed the note to Jack before tucking it next to her heart. "Even from the grave, that man knows how to make me happy. I'm sure he will have made it a challenge. I think I'll start in the poetry section, Jack. I really feel his presence. Don't you?" And she was off on her quest. It took her almost a year to find all of his notes and pressed flowers, but she found them and with each one, she found her husband again in a new way. When her own time to leave this life came a few years after that, she embraced death with the faith and knowledge that George would be waiting for her. Their children, who were present when she died, all swore that they could feel their father's presence and the power of their parents' love.  And many years later, their youngest granddaughter wrote a book about it which she called, Pressed Flowers and Love Notes Off the Wall.

My 10-word:

Jane Relevant was exhausted but happy. The President had been re-elected and she felt like her country had escaped the great peril that his opponent embodied.  It had been a difficult campaign, though, full of such ugliness, vitriol and an assortment of horrors. The worst had been a strange package tied with twine and hidden in the rest room at campaign headquarter and even though it wasn't a bomb, it had turned out to be a dripping pig's heart and a note written in blood that said "cheaters never prosper." The police had had evacuated the whole shopping center, which for some reason many people blamed on them rather than on the perpetrator of the threat. Then there were the flag-waving (and sometimes gun toting) crazy people who shouted racial slurs or called them socialists and told them to stop ruining America and get a job. That said, there were precious memories too. Many of those she called were so excited about the election and the President and before she said two words would pronounce happily, "He's got my vote." The best thing, though, the thing she would never forget was the evening when the first family stopped by with pizza, cold cuts, bread and big jar of mayonnaise and making sandwiches for the five of them... even sending someone out to get some fresh ginger, which the first lady promised (correctly) would help settle Jane's upset tummy. And the President himself had hugged her and thanked her for her help and he and his wife had takne pictures with each of the volunteer. It had been awesome and had renewed their spirits and made them work even harder. He had won and she had helped him do it. She would sleep well tonight.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  school, letter to the editor, service, turkey, furnace, weeds, trading, rambling, crass, forgery

And for the mini: general, affair, color, laughter, pepper

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Four More Years! 

What will I obsess about now?

Nov. 9th upadate:  I thought this video was worth sharing. It speaks volumes about the kind of human being we just re-elected... and they are good volumes.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Of Clocks and Votes

I think the setback would be more than 50 years. More like 500.  

Obama/Biden 2012. 

 Please vote and vote for Democrats across the board. 

And then there's this.... which is just kind of fun.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 222,
2nd Attempt

OK... Second try after a week when I just blahed out of doing wordzzles even after I posted the words. Hopefully, with no earth ending storms threatening to blow my little house away, I will get the task done this week. We are expecting snow and the sky is all gray and gloomy, but.... I'm back down to my  normal level of crazy, so hopefully I will even post this today. (I've had all week, but do you think I have used that time, so all I'd have to do is just hit "publish"? Nope. Last minute to the end.

FINISHED... EARLY EVEN. Go me!  Not that thrilled with this week's offerings except that I'm glad they are done. I kind of like the idea of the last one but don't think I quite pulled it off and I'm too lazy to put any more effort into it. First one is so-so. The mini is just a boring cheat. So it goes.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were: howling woman, experience, selection, for sale, star, crackers, you've got mail, limp, fuzz, characteristic  And for the mini: birds in flight, rainy day, ribbon, blanket, Yikes!

Marilyn's dream began with a flock of birds in flight on what seemed to be a rainy day. She thought they were crows, but she wasn't really certain. They flew in a silent ribbon across the sky, forming a variety of odd shapes, beginning with an arrow which then morphed into a star.  That was followed by something that looked like fire cracker and then a fourth shape but her memory got fuzzy at that point about what the remaining formations were.  The next thing she remembered was a howling woman wrapped in a colorful, blanket whose pattern was characteristic of the Navaho weaving Marilyn loved so much, although it was clearly not authentic. (This information seemed important for some reason, though she had no idea why.) The woman was staring up at the birds and shouting "Yikes! Yikes! Oh my God, look at the birds! It's a sign!" and waving her arms around frantically before collapsing into a limp heap on the ground that quickly turned into a pile of colorful autumn leaves.  It was one of those surreal dreams one experiences and feels as though there is a message being delivered in some unbreakable code. An hour later, showered, sipping her from a steaming cup of coffee, she logged onto the computer. "You've got mail," the cheery voice announced. Scanning the list of emails, she gasped.... top of the list was one from As the Crow Flies with the Subject line: For Sale - Amazing Selection of Native American crafts and blankets. Guess I'd better check this out. Talk about a divine message. Wow. It turned out to be a fantastic sale. She bought herself the long wished for Navaho blanket (it was SO beautiful) as well as Christmas gifts for everyone on her list.

My  mini:

Gazing out the big picture window in his living room on a rainy day in late October, Felix Martinson called to his wife, "Marilyn, Marilyn... come quick. You've got to see this huge flock of birds in flight. They are amazing! It almost looks like they are making shapes as they fly."  Arriving at her husband's side, Marilyn Martinson gasped out a loud "Yikes!"  Felix, baby... you know my Navaho blanket that I love so much. Five years ago I had a dream that looked just like this! And when I woke up, there was an email with a sale. Honest. In the dream they flew in in that same ribbon or river of motion and drawing different pictures. I think maybe I'll check my email. Maybe I can find some good Christmas gifts again. What makes this story even more remarkable is that when she checked her email... there was indeed another excellent sale. "The universe works in wondrous ways, sometimes, doesn't it?," she said to Felix later that evening. Felix, who was somewhat less of a romantic than Marilyn, none-the-less, replied, "yes dear."  "I know you are humoring me, love, but one of these days you'll see I'm right." "Yes dear," he said again with a smile. "I love you either way."

And my 10-word: 

The howling woman limped slowly down the street, her hair matted and filthy.  Her eyes shone with the characteristic glazed stare of lunacy and she was offering passers buy an apple or peach or some kind of fruit that was fuzzy with mold, while shouting a peculiar selection of random phrases: "You've got mail," she would shriek at one person. "I'm not for sale," she would say to the next, or "I'm a star. Do you want my autograph?". A group of five teens, sitting on a stoop, giggled as she walked by. "She's crackers," one of them said, "disgusting freak." Three of the others laughed, but the fifth whose life had been somewhat less sheltered challenged her friends. "It's not funny," she said, "it's sad. She could be someone's mother. She needs help, not scorn." So saying, she went into the house and came back a few minutes later with a blanket and a sandwich. Approaching the mad woman with some trepidation, she offered her the food and blanket. What happened next was an experience none of them would ever forget although it lasted only for a fleeting moment or two. "The woman's whole demeanor shifted, briefly and took on the shining radiance of a child or an angel. The lunacy vanished and the girls saw that it masked a beautiful and gentle soul. "How kind of you," she said, in a voice of rich eloquence and gentility. "I am most grateful for your thoughtfulness. Can you see me? You must be an angel. I thought all the angels had died.... Please take this golden apple," she continued, handing the moldy fruit to her benefactor as a token of my thanks." Then - as though a switch had flipped - she returned to madness and hobbled on, still muttering, "I thought all the angels had died." 


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  horrors, family, ginger, relevant, center, cheaters never prosper, flag, twine, mayonaisse, he's got my vote,

And for the mini: books, pressed, off the wall, anchor, lavender

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Henri, Chat Triste

Later addition:  My niece pointed out that Henri has a number of short videos. # 2 is her favorite and mine as well.