Friday, December 26, 2008


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. The Cyber Gods or Santa or somebody bigger than me saw fit to "disconnect" me from the internet for most of Christmas Eve, all of Christmas Day and and until about 1:45 today. The up side of that is that I read a great book that my niece, Cindy, sent me.... A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Housseini I highly recommend it.

Shannon and her mother came by on Christmas Eve for a visit. Shannon made the plaque pictured above and her parents gave me a printer/scanner so once I get it plugged in, I can scan all my old photos and other things. I'm REALLY thrilled and dumbfounded at such a lavish gift. Too cool. The girls got their own cardboard castle.
Angel chose Christmas Eve to break a treasured little ceramic bowl that I've had for 40 years. In this case it was more my fault than hers but such is life.

Not much else to report. I have to go catch up on a half million old emails (slight exaggeration), but just wanted to say "hi." I think yesterday was the first day I have not posted since I started my blog.


Finding Pam said...

I am glad that you are connected again. I hate that when my computer is down.

So very glad that you had a nice Christmas. The cats really must enjoy the boxes. Really cute pictures.

Stay warm and blessings.

Wordzzle is tomorrow? I am actually ready for this one!

Raven said...

Hi Pam - thanks... Wordzlle is actually on hiatus for two weeks until the 9th of January. I figured people would be busy and I kind of needed a break myself.

storyteller said...

I'm glad you're back online. A Thousand Splendid Suns was a good read ... and so was The Kite Runner if you've not read it yet. Sorry about the broken bowl ... and if it's any consolation, I'm way behind on email and unread posts too ... may be for a while at this rate.
Hugs and blessings,

peppylady said...

Oh some time when the computer is down I feel lost but on the other side of the coin I get other things done.
A scanner is something I could use also.

Coffee is on.

Diana said...

If my internet went out for that long, I think I would break out in hives.

Dr.John said...

A scanner is a marvelous gift, I have been scanning in old pictures for the last month. It also lets you identify them and date them.
And yet I'm sure the plaque was also treasured.

Felisol said...

Dear Raven,
Oh, I am familiar with the numb disconnected feeling.
Visiting my birthhome there is only a telephone modem to get me out into space.
In my wisdom I had deleted some programs necessary to use the modem. Since I could not get out, I could not download new programs either.
I had to use some very expensive cellphone connection to get up my last blog.
Unlike you, I hardly blog more than once a week.
For Advent I had decided to blog once a day, simply to get my mind focused on what Christmas is all about.
I am happy for you about your lovely gift;the scanner/copymachine.
I have some heaps of unfinished labor down in Gunnar's work place.
Some day I will start the good work.
Time for reading is good as well, don't you think?
Happy prolonged Christmas!
We tend to go by half machine in between Christmas and New Year.
That's exactly what I intend to do.
From Felisol

Felisol said...

Dear Raven,
it's me again.
I've just entertained myself with the Norwegian television's Advent program..for children first and formost, but for me too.
I love them-
I want to send you a link, in case you'd like to watch.
It's about the blue nisses who live in the mountain, the red ones living in barns and about the people in the village preparing for Christmas and the celebration of Baby Jesus born the Night of Becember 24th.
Even if you don't understand the words, the play actually needs no words.
From Felisol

Akelamalu said...

It is SO annoying when you get disconnected but you're back again now, so that's good! :)

Felisol said...

Hello again, Raven.
I think we maybe are online at the same time. Isn't that a wonder??
Shame you did not get to see the series from Christmas in blue mountain.
It's the NRK, guess maybe they will have you to log in the first time.
They probably haven't thought of people that don't speak Norwegian. How very silly.
I found a tune on Youtube. where the blue mountain nisse and the red farm nisse become friends.
Here's the address:
Hope this gets through.

Thank you for all the nice comments.
Especially the ones about Gunnar. He deserves every single word, and are touchingly happy to hear them.
God bless you, Raven, for being so good.
From Felisol

Michael Manning said...

Wow, Raven! Between my Laptop in the shop, Blogrolling off line since mid October and now you off line for a day...what can I say? Glad you are making more progress than me. But I'll get caught up! :)

Travis said...

Sounds like a nice extended bit of forced relaxation. I hope you're getting a thaw soon...our snow is finally melting off.

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