Monday, December 15, 2008

Petitions and One-Clicks

More gray skies here in Upstate New York and more blahs here in my little house. Angel and Tara Grace don't have the blahs, though. We just played a rousing game of run and jump and bat the mouse on the string. I have to hide the darn thing and Angel torments me for it almost constantly. Even Tara Grace is addicted to it... a huge step for Tara. Anyway, it's carefully hidden away again.

I'm a big fan of They do a lot of good and it doesn't take much effort. One of my favorite things is their daily one-click section where you can click through a series of posts to help stop global warming, save the rain forest, buy habitat for big cats, save baby seals, the ocean, help primate research, rescue children, help pets, prevent violence against women and contribute to breast cancer research. And all it takes is about 3-5 minutes of your day depending on how fast your computer works. They also have a petition site where you can sign petitions for a variety of good causes like this one urging Congress to take action to stop global warming. I've posted the link below.

Here's the link for the NRDC Action Fund.

And here's a link to's Petition Site where you can sign a petition to Congress asking them to take action to Stop Global Warming.

If this gets you in the spirit of clicking, you can always head over to The Hunger Site and the other one-clicks. You can give 1.1 cups of food to the hungry each day and it only takes a second. Associated links also donate to cancer research, child health, child literacy, the rainforest and animal welfare. You can also do some Christmas shopping here if you like. Most purchases also provide 25 cups of food for the hungry or food for animals or... Worth checking out.

So that's my thoughts for the day... at least for the moment. Photos today are of indoor wildlife.


Jeff B said...

You may be having a case of the blahs, but your passion for furthering the cause is as strong as ever. Good going.

Julia Smith said...

Your indoor wildlife are very beautiful. Thanks for the links to such great sites. Think of how much you've done by passing the word along to all of us!

peppylady said...

My dog daisy is addicted to balls and I'll tell you one thing she ain't getting any for Christmas.

Coffee is on.

Dr.John said...

Somehow at 2 below zero in December you can't get me excited about global warming.

Dianne said...

love your indoor wildlife!!

Siren just missed killing the laptop this morning - oy!!
I can't leave it alone with him for a moment

all great 'clicks' Raven and many of those sites have affordable holiday gifts too :)

Travis said...

Your cats are so beautiful!

quilly said...

You don't want to hear this .... OC is a botanist. He says that we've left it too late for an easy reversal of global warming. If we want to stop it at this point we ALL (worldwide) need to relinquish our car keys now.

storyteller said...

Your day may seem blah, but the photo is lovely ... and the pics of your cats are wonderful. Thanks for the links too. Definitely need to take action on these issues.
Hugs and blessings,

BNS said...

Love your "indoor wildlife," Raven.