Saturday, December 27, 2008

Random December Photos

My last holiday card. Shannon took this picture of my little house for me
a few weeks ago. I messed with it for fun.

It's another gray damp day here. Probably not as cold as some others we have had but the damp just cuts through me. I'm holding fast to my 60 degree thermostat but feel my resistence to turning the heat up giving way pretty quickly. Somehow there's something about a winter sky that is so much grayer than a gloomy day in summer. I don't have much to say today - well, I actually have something festering in my brain that wants saying but don't quite have the will to say it yet, so today I'm just posting a bunch of not particularly good photos from the past couple of weeks. I had to touch the little squirrel's but since he had a big white spot from the dirt on my window. It has been interesting to watch these little squirrels make tunnels under the snow. I never realized before that they do that. I like that I'm still discovering new things. Keeps life interesting. Anyway, here are some pictures of the chilly outside and the less chilly inside...

I just liked the way the sun hit these weeds. Sort of a silly picture, but...

This was a week ago, I think, one of our few sunny days. Wish I could have caught
the light and the melting better, but I had fun trying.

I tried to make a Christmas card using this picture... didn't come out that good...

You can click on this (and all the pictures to see them bigger if you choose).
The best I could do capturing a sense of my little tree's pretty lights in the dark.
Snow and Shadows
Neighbor's Christmas lights covered in snow.
Tara Grace trying to will me to give her crunchies
(in the green Keebler's tin behind her).

Angel laying claim to our new printer/scanner.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend and recovering from and/or still enjoying the holidays.


Jeni said...

I can deal with a really frigid day much better than one that is warmer maybe but is really wet or even just damp. That kind of cold just seeps and oozes into every joint and muscle and craves heat like crazy!
Best wishes for a very Happy New Year, which we both know should begin to improve after January 20th!

Kay said...

Brrrr… looks cold! Thankfully you have kitty cat heaters!

It is bright and sunny here today but still pretty cold.

Michael Manning said...

I LUV your Cats, Raven! They look very entertaining!! But I'm still glad to be a resident now of Arizona! lol! :) Great photos BTW!!!

Dr.John said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I liked your squirrel .

Dianne said...

I love so many of these shots

the melting
the neighbors lights
and of course the girls ;)

Melli said...

I LOVE those melting drops! And that squirrel is SMILING! Did you notice that? He IS! Adorable! Your cards are fun too!

Finding Pam said...

I think that you did a wonderful job with you photos. I love them all. That little squirrel looks like a baby one. Tara Grace and Angel are so sweet, and the melting ice with those two drops of water is just awesome. The cards were great too. All of them were so great! Stay warm and keep taking those pictures.

quilly said...

Catching up -- I love A Thousand Splendid Suns. I read it last Christmas. I was hoping for The Kite Runner this Christmas, but I'm going to have to buy it myself. I did get Inkdeath -- book 3 in the Cornelia Funke's triliogy.

I love the pic of the ice melting. Quit being such a Scrooge and give kitty her munchies.

We we 19 hours without power here. We sleep a good chunk of the time, but not all of it! During today's power-free day light hours I did some bead work.

gabrielle said...

There is something about a close gray winter sky ….And that bone chilling cold.

Turn up the heat and let the chill out. I’d love to hear what you are festering about when you are ready.

Quiet Paths said...

What a fun post; I didn't know that about squirrels but it makes sense - for them. For me, I'll be content with my snow shovel. Your little house card is so cute. I really like the water droplets too. Glad you had some company on Christmas Eve. WARM Happy Holidays to you.

storyteller's other blog said...

Wonderful images all ... I love what you did to the first one and to the lighted tree. The cats are precious and the snow lovely ... but my favorite is those melting icicles.
Hugs and blessings,

Chatty said...

These are just WONDERFUL pictures! How you get the cats' eyes without redeye is a mystery to me. My animals always look like little demons in my pictures. And the squirrel - too sweet. Your Christmas tree lights are lovely, and the neighbors' lights covered with snow is a Christmas Card...thanks for all the beautiful images!