Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saturday Videos

Our new president is a very smart man... and hopefully he is teaching us to take our government back into our own hands. It's so easy to blame Congress while we sit back and whine and don't vote or put our own two cents into the process... I'm glad he's reminding us that we have a say and asking us to use our voices and participate. I like him better all the time, even though I do worry about the Afghanistan thing.

And I always enjoy Olberman.... this is a rant about the evil Dick Cheney.

And then there's Jon Stewart's genius. I don't think anybody could say it better.


Linda Murphy said...

Okay, I just love Jon Stewart.

Unknown said...

Excellent words, Raven. Good videos, too. Unlike Olberman, I am unsure that I want Chaney to leave the country; rather, I believe he should be tried for “high crimes”—whatever they are, cause he is sure to have committed them.

As for Stewart’s comments, I agree 100%. Dick has been a dick for a very long time.

Raven said...

Sometimes Saintly Nick - I absolutely agree. I want Bush, Cheney and a few others to do time. If we don't try them, I hope the International Court does, but I think it would be better if Americans cleaned up our own mess and took responsibility for what we allowed Bush and Co to do in our names.

Travis Cody said...

I want to focus on healing this country and ending the politics of fear and divisiveness. But as you say, we must hold these people responsible for crimes committed in our name.

Dianne said...

Jon Stewart is so wonderful!

Keith ain't bad either ;)

oh yeah and that President guy - he's cool - lol

Cheney appears to actually relish the idea of another attack - sick bastard

he did say back before the 04 elections that another attack on US soil would be the best thing that could happen for the Republicans

there you have ladies and gentlemen - your grand old party