Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quilly's Three Word Thursday

Well, it's time for Quilly's hittonious challenge to use three impossible, obscure, weird words in a story or paragraph. I think of it as a braniac's wordzzle. So this week I'm getting rid of one of the words (hittonious) by using it right away. Hittonious means "beyond horrid... horrid, hideous, and horrendous combined," so maybe calling Quilly's challenge hittonious is a touch unfair. Maybe it's fairer to say it's teterrimous, which means "most foul." Ok... you guessed it. That's the second of the three words and it's probably not fair to call her challenge teterrimous either, though that word does have a lovely mellifluous flow to it, doesn't it? Yeah... mellifluous was the third word... and it means "having a rich, smooth flow"... or alternately "filled with something that sweetens." I've always like that word. So that's my teterrimous, though hopefully mellifluous submission to Quilly's hittoniously difficult word challenge for this week. Who said cheaters never prosper....


Haven't been taking many photos lately, but thought I'd share this sweet face that hides the teterrimous heart of a creative doer and hittonious deeds. She looks innocent, but she is plotting destructive feline terrorist activities. Tara Grace (below) is much less naughty but nobody could say she has a mellifluous voice. One of Tara's nicknames is The Dread Pirate Tara the Gray because she sounds so much like Long John Silver from the old 1934 Treasure Island movie.


Anonymous said...

I love your contribution to 3WT! You got a chuckle out of me. And, as usual, the cats are adorable. Hug them for me.

Anonymous said...

Such sweeties! Enjoyed this posts very much!

Jientje said...

Very clever, very clever!!!
My initial idea was to make a story about my cats too, but then I changed my mind! Your cats look so sweet!

juliana said...

ha, very clever and funny.
your cats look adorable

bettygram said...

You used the words very creatively. the cats are so cute even though you were not sure what was on their minds.

Melli said...

Oh you did great using Quilly's hitonious words! I still find it so funny that you and I both have 2 cats and that we both have the same two KINDS of cats! And now it sounds as though Kitty and Tara Grace both make the SAME non-mellifluous sound... it must be something with Russian Blues! Likewise it must be something about those calicoes that makes them naughty naughty NAUGHTY!!!

Dr.John said...

Different and well done. I love new approaches to Quilly's words.

Nessa said...

Very good plan and very cute kitties.

Carletta said...

Applause. Applause, Applause!
I'm liking this. You have prospered my friend. If I'd attempted to do this it would not have been so cleverly written.
I think you are BACK!
Tara Grace's pic reminds me moe of Darth Vader than pirate-like!

Now come over to my place and see what you made me do! :)

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