Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great Health Care Discussion

This is Representative Anthony Weiner ( D, NY) on Morning Jo discussing health care... It's about 17 minutes of video, but worth listening to...


Then there are the Billionaires for Wealthcare.... It's kind of silly, but they're point is interesting, I think...


gabrielle said...

Rep. Weiner made some great points. But should it take the interviewer of a major “news” program 15 minutes to grasp the basic issue? In the words of morning Jo, I’m dumbfounded.

Enjoyed the satire in Billionaires for Wealthcare. I hope their message is not lost in translation.

Where do you find these videos? They are wonderful!

Raven said...

The morning Jo guy is not too swift, is he? But I thought Weiner did a better job than many I've heard.

I agree about the Billionaires. I'm not sure the message makes it through too clearly... it's a bit long too, but I liked the idea.

Some of the videos I find at Huff Po but both of these came from a group of cyber friends who email politics from time to time.

CJ said...

T.R. Reid was interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air on Monday about his book "The Healing of America." He went on a global quest searching for a solution to a shoulder problem & looking at health care systems around the world ----from the British system where no one pays for any care to third world countries where care is unavailable at any price in some areas and only available in other places for those who can afford it. He came up with four basic models and finds that in the U.S. we have some of each of them ---and the lack of consistency causes high administrative costs for doctors (about 18-20% compared to France's 4%.) The military has a system like the British and those without health coverage are like the third world. Coincidentally, I was listening on my way to a doctor's appointment concerning upcoming surgery. The interview is very interesting and available at:

Raven said...

CJ- I'll check it out. Sorry you are having surgery? Let me know when and I'll be glad to send some reiki your way. Check out Dennis Puffett's Healing Haven too. The man is profoundly gifted and free so there's nothing to lose.

Dianne said...

I'm not a fan of Weiner back from my Brooklyn days, although I do recognize that he's a bright young man. Morning Joe gives me the creeps. LOL

I might watch the videos later - I'm so sick of this Raven, so disgusted with how selfish and reactionary and ignorant this country can be.

I was at a friend's blog and he had posted some healthcare reform stats and videos. One of his commentors, another (ex) friend said that people who couldn't hold on to their insurance were "losers" and were most likely spending their money on frivolous things. thankfully several people put her in her place before I got there and I was so angry that I deleted my comment.

My medicaid hearing is still in limbo, I have been calling health insurance carriers day after day after day - all who send me pamphlets and faxes and who advertise on TV. They can't answer a question clearly, they play with words, it's exhausting.

We're nearing the anniversary of Katrina and all I can think is how morally bankrupt this country is.

Hugs to the girls, and to you. Keep up the good fight.

CJ said...

Thanks for your concern over my surgery. It is really minor exploratory out-patient surgery, nothing major, but of course it would cost a fortune if I didn't have health care (which already costs a small fortune.) I had some tests done last month and I got a bill for $1700 dollars of which I had to pay only a $20 co-pay. I can't imagine what it must be like for those without coverage.

I am planning on traveling to Brazil next year and learned that everyone is guaranteed health care in Brazil. I'm not sure which system they use or how good the care is, but at least no one is left totally without. This is the country where I served in the Peace Corps 40 years ago in a town where the average annual income was about $200, there was no electricity, running water, or phone service.

If Brazil can afford it, if the U.S. can afford to invade sovereign countries, if we can pay CEOs billions of dollars, if oil companies can make record profits, we can afford to guarantee every citizen health care.

I can't remember which Republican announced a few weeks ago that if Obama fails to pass health care, the country will see him as a failure, so they will do everything to keep it from passing, no matter what is in the bill. I just hope in the next round of elections, the people remember who really killed the bill if it doesn't pass ---the GOP.