Friday, August 14, 2009

Tommy Douglas, Author of Canadian Health Care

Tommy Douglas was the author of the Canadian Health Care system. There are lots of false rumors about how bad the Canadian system is despite the fact that most Canadians love it and would not trade it for anything - especially our system... A few years back in a national poll for the Greatest Canadian - this man came in first.

And a speech he gave regarding Canadian Medicare...

And for those of you who dedicatedly oppose public option health care, here's a link where you can express your opposition. You can use this to express your opposition to Medicare and to sign away your right to participate in it now or in the future. You might want to oppose the VA too. That's truly socialized medicine. Last I heard, the army hasn't gone commie.


Stephanie V said...

You'd think the fact that we Canadians love our health care system would be enough proof, wouldn't you?

Raven said...

Stephanie V - You'd think it would... I love my country, but I think we are totally nuts sometimes and a huge segment of us seem addicted to fear and lies. I just hope the good guys win this time around.

maryt/theteach said...

Katherine, I put something from Factcheck .org on my blog today. WE MUST have health care reform. These fundamentalist Christians and Conservatives MUST me stopped! Obama need help. If you don't mind I'd like to post some of the stuff you've sent me for my readers. Is that okay?

sgreerpitt said...

What amazes me is how many people don't actually know anything about what is being proposed, they've just heard a few catch phrases and have been infected by the fear.

Hamster said...

My wife and I are in our 60's and live in the US
We are self employed
My wife has a pacemaker
I am in good health
We have Blue Shield
The most affordable policy we could find at our age was their PPO 4000/8000 plan
Our monthly premiums are $915 per month..
Our deductible is $4000 per year per person.
So basically we are "self insured" since we pay at least $15,000 per person per year for insurance premiums and health care before we can get a dime of help from Blue Shield.
I've tried everything I can think of to get our premiums down. Even looked into a small group plan.

It's gotten to the point that we've started going abroad for medical care
For the past 4 years we've been saving up all our medical and dental problems and making a 3 week visit to a Thai hospital where the care is excellent and the cost...just a fraction of what I would have to pay out of pocket in the US. For example, last November I had an Endoscopic balloon dilation for a condition known as dysphagia. The specialist in the US said the operation would cost me $2500. (His bill for the 15 minute consultation was $250.) I decided to wait until I got to Thailand and had it done in at Chulalonkorn public hospital...cost $100 including biopsy, (all I needed for ID was my US passport. No questions asked!!)

Our daughter and her husband are young and both work for a company that provides health insurance at an affordable rate. They are happy with health care in the US.

So it just depends on whom you ask.

For us, the US health insurance system is a drain on our resources and we avoid using doctors in the US. It's worth it for us to travel half way around the world to seek medical care. Yet we still have to pay $11,000 in health insurance premiums every year just to "protect ourselves" against getting hit by a bus.

We are seriously thinking of moving to Thailand for 4-5 years until we can both qualify for medicare.