Sunday, November 08, 2009

Happy Aunt

Well, my company has come and gone. I wish they could have stayed longer, but it was wonderful to have them take time out from their busy lives and spend hours and hours flying to come spend a few days here in Hancock.

John - who I hadn't met before - lived up to his reputation for wonderfulness and Diana is... Diana. She is awesome and just makes me happy and proud always. (Her siblings do too... can't play favorites here.)

Angel had a great time being carried around and playing and exploring (and doing - at least we think it was her - one unspeakbly naughty thing). Tara Grace did not quite so much enjoy the efforts to break her of her fear of being held and kept a relatively low profile. But anyway. I had a great time and hope they did too.

On Friday evening we watched the movie DOUBT. Must watch movie. Brilliantly done. Much food for thought. More than lived up to all the rave reviews.

We had a nice mellow morning on Saturday and in the afternoon Kim (Ramblings of a 40-Something Empty-Nester) came to spend some time with the visiting royalty and later Dan and Sue joined us. Kim brought us awesome home-made bread and a vegan chicken salad which were/are wonderful. (I'm actually having some left-over for breakfast as I type this). I got to share my whistling vessels at last and really hope I get to do more of that. For some reason I kind of forgot to take pictures the whole time but Diana reminded me at the end that I wanted a good shot of the two of them so I took the one above.

Angel, who developed quite a bond with John in particular, is a bit bereft this morning (see photo below). She is stuck with only me again. She was a superlative and entertaining hostess.

(I want to remember to acknowledge Nate and Dan and Mary for helping me prepare my home for my visitors. It looked/looks so nice and it was so good of you to give so much time helping me get ready. Thanks.)

But now as I write this, my beloved niece and newly beloved nephew-in-law-ish are in mid air, heading home. They left here at 4 am and will arrive at their final destination at about 11: pm. I'm so grateful for their visit, so thrilled that Diana is so happy. Life is good. (Late addition. Duh me... they have arrived home safely at 11:00 AM... AM... I wondered - obviously without thinking very hard - how it could take so long to get from here to NC... Sigh. Anyway, I'm glad they are home safe.)

Now I'm off to catch up on reading wordzzles.

Happy Sunday!


Akelamalu said...

Sounds the the visit was a great success all round. :)

Unknown said...

I had a great time and am pleased that the food I brought was enjoyed by all! I, too, had some today! ;D

Looking forward to when we will get together again!

Unknown said...

Oh yeah...great photo of Diana and John, too!

Melli said...

How nice that you had such a GREAT visit annnnnnnd got to show off the remodel too! It's exciting to have visitors come when you have STUFF to show! :) (it's exciting even when ya don't - but ... you know!) :)

Finding Pam said...

I am sure that your neice adores you. I know they loved seeing you and your newly remodeled home.

Sounds like a perfect day.

gabrielle said...

Purring along with Angel in the afterglow of a lovely visit. The portrait of Diana and John exudes a quiet joy.

Carletta said...

Diana is lovely and her and John make a lovely couple!
Sounds like you had a great time and I'm so glad. It's always nice to have those special times now and then.
The kitties will get back to normal soon I bet.

Casdok said...

What a beautiful cat you have. Sounds like a wonderful time had by all!

Dianne said...

lovely photo of Diana and John

so now the new house has been christened with friends and family :)

Diana said...

We had a great time! And I DO love the remodel. Wow. I liked your house before, but now it looks amazing!

Kim's sandwiches were awesome. We enjoyed our leftovers when we got home.

I'm so glad that you and John could finally meet. And thanks for the pictures! I posted them on facebook and they got rave reviews.

I love you!

Unknown said...

I'm glad Diana and John liked the sandwiches so much!!! Here is that website I was telling you all about:

(the solar panel rental place)

Hope all is well with you!