Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cyber Woes

Hi all,

Have been without a computer for the past two days. Lucky for my friend Nate is a master computer person and gave a day and a half of his life to fixing my old girl up. I've got to restore all my programs and am having some trouble doing that so if I don't show up for wordzzles (I'm sure I'll be there), please forgive me. I will try to set up Mr. Linky and everything in a few minutes so that even if I'm not there, wordzzles & Mr. L will be.

Was going to post a picture with this but can't find one that I like. Over tired, brain fried from too much non-cyber time.


Dianne said...

seems like everyone is having computer woes!

I hope it gets restored without too much grief

quilly said...

I am glad you're back online, Raven -- even though I didn't miss you because I was too busy with the big move and wasn't here myself!

Anonymous said...

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storyteller said...

Sorry you've having computer woes ... seems like that's happened to lots of us lately. Hope things get straightened out quickly.
Hugs and blessings,

Argent said...

Hi Raven
I'm sending your some wordzzle words if you fancy them. I'm posting them here as there's less chance of all the other Wordzzle players seeing them.

For the 10-worder
teflon, idealistic, marshmallow, opportunistic, kittens, beef, sawing logs, slapped, tickled, scissors

For the mini
ripen, shelve, laminate, goofy, siamese

Hope your weekend is going well.