Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Hi Everyone,

As usual, it's only when I'm at the recovering end of an illness that I actually catch on to how sick I have been. I'm breathing better today and my cough is looser so I know I'm getting there. My ears still feel buggy, my sinuses are cranky again and most of all, I'm still awfully tired, so if the wordzzlers of the world will forgive me, I'd like to take this week off - maybe catch up with the rest of you and do the week/s I missed and post some new words for next week.

I'm hoping that once I get past this, I can start posting again more regularly. I think I've had a revelation of sorts about what has been going on with me since my brother died last year. I knew it wasn't grief, but it has taken me almost a year to figure out what it was/is. (How's that for a teaser? What could it be, her adoring fans wondered?)

Anyway, thanks for your patience and your kind good wishes. I'm really looking forward to feeling better.


quilly said...

Raven -- I offered a prayer for your health. Don't be sick too long, National Poetry month is slipping away and you've not shared any verse yet!

Janie B said...

Health and Peace to you, my friend.

Carletta said...

Get better soon!
Why did you wait till Spring to catch the flu? :)
Shoo it away......

Sending good thoughts your way.