Friday, February 01, 2013

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 232

Once again Friday snuck up on me and I'm late posting even the framework for the Weekly Wordzzle Challenge. Since I'm the lone wordzzler, it doesn't make much difference I suppose, but I still apologize.

3:00 PM Saturday:  Done. Happy to note that I am NOT the lone wordzzler this week. Yippee!  Off to read what Smoke has written.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were: wishing well, truck, chicken, coaster, flowering tree, bacteria, matches, colorful, port   And for the mini: swirl, bear with me, stretcher, muffin, gratitude

My mega: coaster port 

Lying on her stretcher in the ambulance, Maria Montoya spoke silently to her guardian angel. "Bear with me," she said, if my gratitude is tinged with annoyance and confusion. "When I went to the wishing well and asked you to help me 'run into' the handsome truck driver from "We Make," I did not mean it literally."  Out loud, she asked, "Is the other driver OK?" "Yes, I am," said a deep voice which made her head swirl and her heart beat faster. "Didn't I see your picture on the dating site? I think you some kind of colorful name like Flowering Tree or something. My sister put me on the site, by the way. If I'd posted myself, I'd have used the name Coaster which is what my friends call me (long story).  I would never have named myself Stud Muffin. Name's Port Wilson, by the way... You're even prettier than your picture. I was going to contact you but I chickened the end. I seem to have gotten some kind of bacteria that makes me run at the mouth. I can't stop talking. Sorry  Think this was divine intervention?" "Yes," Maria laughed. "I think it was. I'm Maria Montoya." In the years to come, over the course of a long and happy life together, they would laughingly tell people, "Our meeting was no accident."

My mini: swirl, bear with me, stretcher, muffin, gratitude

"Bear with me,"  Missy Wilson, spoke into the phone. I have to sit down. You have my head swirling, big brother. Did I hear you right?  You hit her with your truck, met her lying on a stretcher where you recognized her from the website? And now you're calling me to express your gratitude and invite me to your wedding? Well, butter me a muffin and call me magic! Didn't I tell you! You owe me forever! I'm so happy for you, but aren't you maybe rushing into things a bit? Divine intervention? Really? You both think that? I have to meet this woman. Bring her over for dinner tonight? She's in the hospital? I'll bring dinner to her, then. I love you Coaster.

My 10-word:

On her way to the hospital with a massive meal for her future sister-in-law, Missy Wilson stopped off at the Flowering Tree Wishing Well to express her gratitude for a wish granted and make another one - that her brother's new fiance would be one of those matches made in heaven kind of things. "Coaster, is such a good man," she crooned to the spirits of the well, "he deserves to be happy. Please grant him a happy future with this woman. And please make sure the truckload of chicken and potato salad I prepared for her is free of bacteria and tastes good and nourishes the body and the spirit. And please let her like me", she added.  Missy Wilson was what some people called "colorful."  She was not everyone's cup of tea. Luckily for all of them, her new sister-in-law was equally eccentric and had as big and loving a heart and an imagination to go with it. Angelic intervention in this particular case had not been limited only to Maria and Port. There was a bright future looming for all of them and the circle of creative people they would gather around them over the years.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  whiskers, three days, banana, strength in numbers, all year long, large tree, good housekeeping, there are no accidents, recorder, stain

And for the mini: smooth, partridge, snarling, tragic, lotion

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


Smoke said...

Hi, you wont believe it, but i am busy writting a wordzzle. Will have it up tonite

Raven said...

Hi Smoke! Good to hear from you again. Don't forget to add your name to Mr. Linky. I look forward to reading what you have come up with.

Smoke said...

I just finished mine. I love how you continue your story from three different perspectives. I enjoy writing the mega only, seeing that I have a story line now to keep up. ps, I have started work on a novel i have had in m head for ages, and the good news is, my loyal 9 followers will be getting sneak peeks and inside info as i get along.

The Bug said...

I love it when you weave the stories together - and this one was great :)