Thursday, October 07, 2010

Daily Reminder # 129

I received the following in my email this afternoon and thought it made a good point for daily reminder. All we can do is our best and doing that matters even if we don't save the world. In Native American traditions hummingbirds are about joy. I always feel like I've been given a special gift when one visits my yard.  I do kind of wish this story had gone further and the brave little hummingbird had inspired the others to act too and in so doing put out the fire....

Some things I'm grateful for today:
  • hummingbirds,
  • my microwave
  • my home
  • Fall colors
  • inspiration & creativity (my own and others')
  • laughter
  • movies
  • youtube

I've shared this before, but it seemed perfect for today's message.

Be Your Best You
and Rejoice in Who You Are!

1 comment:

Finding Pam said...

Raven, I loved the story of the humming bird. A beautiful story told by a beautiful lady.

Your gratitude list is inspiring.
I hope you are doing good.