Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daily Reminder # 150

Reality of our own making... it is mostly in our heads...   But, boy.... some days it's really hard to remember that.

Both of my cats are kind of grouchy today, which makes us a fairly cranky household. I'm not sure what's bugging Tara. Crunchy madness probably.  She lives for bedtime and the beloved scoop of crunchies. I did the garbage and litter late this evening so I think she thought we were going for crunchies and now she's extra hyper.  It's good to have something you are passionate about, though. For Angel, it's toys... though she is more in love with the idea of play in some ways, than actually playing.  She sits on the coffee table and I throw toys I've collected and she sits and watches them go by and once in a while deigns to chase one. 

I'm increasingly aware that Angel and I are very much alike in a lot of ways. I too often love the idea of things more than the reality of them. Angel is very curious - to the point of folly at times (well, I don't share her dare devil qualities), but she also sometimes struggles to jump up onto the crunchy trunk. I can see that it's in her head on those nights that she can't do it... and she'll make a series of false, aborted twitches before she finally jumps up. Other nights she just pops up without thinking about it.  So much in life has to do with the voices in our heads. Even with my new walk-in shower, I have struggled with a psychological conviction that it's hard for me to get in and out because there's a small step down. I know it's in my head. It's not that hard. I figured out that if I put a rug folded up, that it changed the visual and now I'm doing much better.

Sorry to be rambling mindlessly here. 

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • laughter
  • Fall colors
  • my computer
  • my friends
  • the internet
  • angels
  • reiki
  • music
  • Pandora
  • ear phones
  • mail
  • apples
  • Schwans
  • water
  • my excellent mattress
  • electricity
  • eyes to see
  • open windows
  • teeth
  • hope
  • sunlight through autumn leaves
  • garbage out, litter box changed
  • 150 Daily Reminders!!! Wow!

A friend told me she has a new mantra and I thought I'd use it here.... 

Today's challenges are preparation for tomorrows Possibilities.

 May you be challenged 
(but not too much).

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gabrielle said...

Congrats on #150!
Thanks for sharing your daily musings and meditations. They have lifted my spirits more than I can say.

I love the folded rug strategy. What a wonderful metaphor for sidewinding fears!