Friday, October 08, 2010

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 130

It's week 130 of the Weekly (formerly known as "Saturday") Wordzzle Challenge.  Argent - whose wordzzle novel about the Demon Harold I look forward to eagerly every week - kindly gave us the words for this week's challenge. I have to say, though:  Chinese whispers?  Chinese whispers?  At 5 pm, I'm uninspired and hungry, so I'm going to post my 10-word and Mr. Linky and come back later and finish up.

8:30 update:  Chinese whispers (as the most awful words/phrases often do) turned out to be great fun to play with. Thanks again for the world, Argent.  As you can see, I'm still having trouble with mysterious spaces that appear.  Managed to fix some of them but not all. Apologies for how it looks.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were:  

talented, oak, speaker, junk, wrapper, pencil, ocean, chatter, bullet, steamy  

And for the mini: I-pad, Chinese whispers, CD, sparkling, cat food

My 10-word:

Bill and his dog Bullet stopped for a few minutes to listen to the talented speaker who was standing in the shade of a huge oak tree at the corner of the park trying to shout over the chatter of playing children and passers-by. Despite the steamy heat of the August day a small crowed was gathering. "We're destroying the planet and we must change our ways. Our oceans are full of junk and debris, bottles, cans, poisons. Ice burgs are melting and whole species are dying out and some still wish to pretend that there's no need to take action. Wake up folks.  Even here in our beautiful park there's litter. In 5 minutes I found all of this in our own park's little lake, he said: 3 beer cans, a pencil, a pair of shoes, a newspaper. Change isn't as hard as the politicians who care more about contributors than the future would have you believe. Even small things can make a difference. Don't always drive. Walking is good for you and it doesn't pollute the air. Use both sides of paper. Don't run water when you don't need to..."  Preaching to the choir with most of us here, Bill whispered to the dog, unaware that he had let his gum wrapper fall to the ground as he walked away or the gift Bullet had quietly deposited while his human was not paying attention.

My mini:

Sarah Smith loved her new I-Pad. She had more music than she could ever have imagined packed into this tiny little package. Right now she was listening to a new CD called Chinese Whispers by a group with the awful and unappetizing name of Cat Food.  What sparkling dim wit had talked a group with so much talent into such a loser name, she wondered. She was just grateful that she had heard the song before she heard the band's name or she would have missed something wonderful. Maybe I'll write a poem for them, she thought.

My mega:

Chinese Whispers

Dressed in a junk food wrapper
Sparkling beauty,
Steamy, rich
Ocean deep
Oak Strong
Hums in my I-pad
Wafts from my stereo
Greatest CD ever
Word and sound
Magic, inspired, pure
Worst name ever
Talented band
But that name
Why called Cat Food?
Like a bullet to the head
Makes one expect noisy chatter
When instead speakers
Issued sound so sweet
I dropped my pencil in delight and awe
Only to pick it up again
And pen this verse
Your music is the best
But your name is the worst.
With love from Your biggest Fan,
Sarah Smith

Thank you to Argent for this week's words... 

Words for next week's 10-word challenge are: chilled to the bone, market, back to work, floating, lynx, glutted, shelter, garage sale, honey, marginal

And for the mini: ink, cool whip, every cloud has a silver lining,
 static, platform

Thank you for playing! Newcomers can check here for some guidelines (and they are only guidelines, not rules) to make the process more fun.

Enjoy! See you next week!


The Bug said...

I enjoyed your stories a lot - especially that you mentioned writing a poem in the 10 worder & then wrote a poem. Good job!

Argent said...

Well you certainly did well with the words! I didn't realise Chinese whispers was not a globally understiood term - learn something new every day.

I loved your first tale - you nicely punctured the balloon of pomposity!

And your linked-together remaining pieces were neat. It's a grear thing when you can write a wordzzle poem. A belated Harold has turned up now.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

sorry i didnt get around to playing this week - i loved your poem particularly and will be back