Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 138

Week 138 of the Weekly Wordzzle challenge is here. Thanks again to Argent for this week's words. Sorry this is late posting. I'm just putting the mega up awhile because my brain seems to be working VERY slowly and if I wait to finish all three... well, it will be REALLY late.  9:15.... finally squeezed the last two out of my brain. Looking forward to what others have come up with.

Words for this week's challenge were: For the 10 wordnewspaper, empty plate, tiger, box, chewing gum, heating, traffic, books, canary, shoe   And for the mini: article, blind, watery, leap, crescent

My mega: 

Oh once I had a cat named Clocks
Who loved to play in a cardboard box,
Watching canary in her cage
He also thought was quite the rage
The sound of traffic driving past
Drew him to the window fast
And any article that rolled, 
Became a toy in his behold
My empty plate he lived to lick
He'd leap on the table double quick
And polish it so it looked quite clean
I don't know how he stayed so lean
I'll never know the reason why
But my chewing gum would make him cry
Reading the newspaper was a struggle
Whenever I tried he had to snuggle
A book evoked the same behavior
He'd cling to me like I was a savior
I'd put it down and off he'd scurry
Off to somewhere in a hurry
Try again and back he'd be
Inserted between the text and me
Kneading, oozing watery drool
Like some drunken furry fool
He strove to be a hunter mighty
But truth to tell he was quite flighty
Less a tiger than a kitten
From toy to hug to toy a'flitten
As he got old and somewhat blind
His sense of smell became refined
His nose he'd bury in my shoe
And took to sniffing at his poo
The heating vent became his nest
His favorite place to have a rest
And like a little furry crescent
(A custom I found oh so pleasant)
Beneath the covers warm and snug
He'd curl against me in a hug
That warmed my heart and broke it too
As towards its end his lifetime flew
How blessed I was to have the joy
Of living with my kitty boy
Although this world he did depart
He lives in memory in my heart.
Another kitty has moved in
Loud and silly Gunga Din
He has his own amusing gifts
That make me smile and my heart lift
But I never see a cardboard box
Without a smiling thought of Clocks
Who gave me love right from the start
And healed deep wounds within my heart
Taught me to laugh, taught me to play
And made me who I am today

My mini:

Beneath a crescent moon, the blind shaman leaped and danced, his dim watery eyes gazing heavenward, his face - his whole being really - aglow with with a light the seemed to radiate out from him.
She felt so honored to be present for this sacred moment in the moonlight, to have been granted this trust by this wise, gentle old man. When the paper had assigned her to write an article on the religious practices of the Arapaho tribe, she had been furious at being asked to waste her time on such fluff. She knew now, it had been the luckiest day of her life. Her life - her being - was changed forever and she was grateful beyond anything her words would be able to say.

And the 10-word:

Pushing aside his empty plate Fred drained the last drops from his coffee cup and felt his fingers itching for a cigarette. Heating up a second cup of coffee seemed like it would take too long, so he reached into his pocket for a stick of chewing gum, hoping it would appease the craving, hoping that eventually the craving would become a thing of the past. He wanted to set a good example for his son. The radio on the counter announced that traffic jams on all major highways. Great, he muttered. Withdrawl and traffic jams. Going to be one of those days. Glancing at his newspaper, he smiled at photos of a new baby tiger born in the local zoo. He'd have to see about taking his son this weekend, if his mother would agree to a change in the usual schedule. Maybe he could even get her to join them, he thought. He could stop at the book store and see if he could find a book about tigers that they could look at before hand... or maybe he could wait and buy one at the zoo as a souvenir.... that was a better idea, he decided. Maybe he could make box lunches for them and they could have a picnic in the park too.  He sighed. Probably not. She was no more flexible now than when they had been married. He sighed again. Time to finish getting ready for work. Maybe he'd wear his canary yellow tie. It was silly, but it always cheered him up - and his co-workers had fun mocking him. Conservative shoes, though. He wasn't ready for more than the tie today. 


Words for next week's 10-word challenge: sunset, open sesame, spectacles, icicles, chanting, proposal, jade carving, earphones, growing old, parallelogram

And for the mini: athlete, trading places, launch, ownership, trample

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


Argent said...

I adore your kitty poem! It made me a little misty towards the end.

I thought also that the pictures you painted in both the mega and the mini were very well done - I could visualise everything.

I'm up now.

The Bug said...

I wrote a poem this week too :) I enjoyed yours a lot. I feel kind of sorry for the man in the last story - glad he was going to wear his canary tie though.