Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 147

I'm still kind of weary from three days of getting up way earlier than I'm used to and having strangers (kind, life improving strangers, but strangers none-the-less) thump and hammer their way through my usually hermit-like existence. SO.... I'm going to put Mr. Linky up, and if I get a burst of energy, will do my own exercises tonight, but probably I'll do them tomorrow. My apologies.

Update: OK.. finally done. Glad I waited until Saturday, though. I don't think I had a functioning brain cell in my head last night. I kind of had fun with these words.

Word for this week's 10- word challenge were:  wanderlust, wisdom, popcorn, hearts and flowers, melting snow, bank account, chapter, painting, politics, imagination   And for the mini: organism, energy, harmonica, calibration, spread your wings and fly

My mega:

The melting snow and the subtlest signs of spring were awakening a wanderlust in Miranda Wisdom that she hadn't felt for a while. It had been a long, cold winter (literally and figuratively) and she was ready to empty her bank account and travel someplace where her imagination could be rejuvenated, where she could spread her wings and fly and soak in the energy of new surroundings, new people and new ideas. She wanted to start a new chapter in her life. No more eating popcorn and living through movies and other people's stories. For too long she had felt like some kind one-celled organism, a blob that was existing rather than living. It was time to stop obsessing about politics and all the hearts and flowers drama of celebrity lives and start having a life of her own, start living up to her name. Her life, she thought needed a major re-calibration. It couldn't be a subtle change, either, she thought. One thing she knew for sure. She needed to start painting again. And this time not worry about what anyone else thought or whether she was "good" or not. She needed to just do it. She picked up her father's old harmonica and started playing. It was odd, but playing this silly little instrument had always helped her focus her thoughts... and it made her feel like her father was there watching over her. A half hour later, she had come to a decision. She would quit her job, sell the house and move away from the past. She hadn't decided where yet. Maybe Italy. Maybe the somewhere in the Caribbean. She could decide that later. One thing she knew for sure, though. She was ready at last to fly.

My mini:

Watching scientist Sam Jones blowing on his harmonica - the song was one of his own compositions called Spread Your Wings and Fly - few would have guessed that he was actually in the the process of doing a calibration of the energy out-put of one-celled organisms. Such was the way of genius. It took it's own path to whatever destination it aimed at. Sam's genius often traveled by harmonica.

My 10-word:

Nibbling on a massive bowl of  buttered popcorn as she worked, Laura Sampson's felt like imagination was on fire and she dug happily into work on the next chapter of her  new book, Hearts and Flowers Politics and the Death of American Democracy. She genuinely feared for the future of her country. Those who governed (and those who voted for them) seemed to be without wisdom or gravitas and cared more about the bank accounts of their wealthy campaign contributors than the lives of the people or the future of the country. She hoped that by painting a vivid enough picture of where the country's current path was leading, that she could somehow break through the sound byte chatter that passed for news coverage and awaken the sleeping spirit of her great and beloved nation. She was hoping to get the book finished before the melting snow and arrival of Spring awakened the wanderlust that she could already feel pulling on her heart and feet. Maybe nobody would publish it, but she had to try. This was one book she was determined to finish. The conscience, the heart of her beloved country was at stake. Wanderlust would have to wait.


Word for next week's 10-word challenge: sharp as a tack, paper towels, sage, boiling water, mystery, salivate, news worthy, try it on for size, pardon, ambulance

And for the mini: misery, saga, flat as a pancake, pearls, octagon

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


The Bug said...

I think I just linked twice :)

I'll come back later to read yours.

Argent said...

Your first one was really well written (not to say that all of yours aren't well written, of course!) I've often toyed with chucking it all in and going off somewhere - if only.....

I love the idea of genius going by way of harmonica! Music can have a surprisingly good effect of learning and memory, so there may be something in this.

... and your third is well-timed I think,. It could be true in the UK or US I suspect, sadly.

Anyhoo, I'm up at long last.

The Bug said...

I love all three of yours. My dad has asked me to write a short (2 minute) drama piece that he & his wife can perform at the Senior Games. My mind is a total blank. I know I should avoid politics, but I might use your 3rd piece as a jumping off point for something.