Saturday, May 12, 2012

Daily Reminder # 662

Lazy blogger tonight. Had a lovely day, though. It went from 34 degrees last night to 77 this afternoon, but a lovely mild 77 with a soft breeze.  Everyone's favorite chipmunk visited the back door and my friend Rosalie came by and made some lovely pasta and we enjoyed good conversation along with the food. I had sent her some information on something called Tapping (I posted about it a few weeks back) and she has been exploring it. Found this wonderful, fun video which I am going to play with. I think we all should and see who manifests $50,000 first.

Despite having a lot to be grateful for - nice weather, a lovely shower, a good night's rest, good food, good conversation, and all the usual things, I'm going to skip my list tonight. Oh - but I should mention that I may actually be about to manifest one of the things on my red list and something not on it. My friends who have virtually furnished my home have come into possession of a newer, larger TV than the last one they gave me... AND... this is the big one.... they had bought a very, very nice clothes dryer but they have moved (long story) and want to give it to me. There are a few glitches. It's a gas dryer and Delaware Opportunities set things up for an electric dryer. It might be too big for the space and I have to find someone to hook route gas. I'm hoping maybe Del. Opp could do it because I'd feel safer with someone they hired, but Dan said he has a friend who could probably do it. Anyway, the item most frequently at the top of my pre-gratitude list is trying to manifest. How cool is that!

Wishing You a Very 
Splendid and Spectacular Day

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