Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daily Reminder # 665

Just a lot of pictures tonight and some gratitude to go with them.  The birds are still not tempted by my lovely bird seed. A nice blue jay did pop by for about 20 seconds, pick up a seed or two and fly off before I could focus the camera, but he never returned. But the more demure of my two chipmunks spent a lot of time. Unlike her Scar Face (as I call him), the little fast moving vacuum cleaner, she (I think #2 is a girl) is quite demure, nibbles slowly and - best of all - poses facing the door for long moments at a time. And we had a nice long visit from the woodchuck. And alas, a big orange kitty made him/herself quite at home on my deck and was unmoved by my requests to relocate. Other than that, I have nothing of interest to say.... just lots and lots of pictures.

For the rest, I'm going to do paragraph gratitude again this evening.  Always grateful for lots of photo subjects. Still wish the birds would come pose for me... and a bunny or two... but I'm grateful for kitties and chipmunks and woodchucks. Grateful for my green, overgrown back yard and my nice chair/walker that gets me back there and holds me up with no fear that it might collapse underneath me. Grateful for Angel and Tara Grace, always and forever. So happy that Tara sleeps with me at night and is better and better at accepting touch and love. Grateful for Angel's hugs and her constant companionship at the desk or the back door. She really loves watching the chipmunks. I'm grateful for Amazon.com where I get the seed and cat litter and tooth brushes and other necessities. Grateful for my little house that's sturdy and just the right size for me. Grateful for all the improvements that Delaware Opportunities has made to make it easier for me to manage. Hoping the will kick in to install my gift dryer. I'm grateful for Nate and Dan, who have been so kind and generous to me... most of my furniture is from them, my current TV, my refrigerator... the list goes on and on.

I'm grateful for Dr. Jim and his wisdom and kindness... and patience. Mrs. Jim is recovering from her TEN HOURS of surgery. They can both still use your prayers, but she is doing well. I'm grateful for the telephone and that he's willing to work with me through that medium. I'm grateful for Medicare and my SSD. I'm grateful for the Tapping lady and my friend Rosalie for telling me about her. I'm enjoying the idea of "tapping" for $50,000.  I'm grateful for reiki and that I can offer it to Mrs. Jim and others. Grateful when people pay me from time to time, since I can use the money. I'm grateful for open windows and warmer weather but also grateful for my warm robe because it has been damp and not quite warm enough. I'm always grateful for enough food to eat, for coffee and International Delight (my friend Ellie got me addicted to that) in the morning and lots of good tasting NY water when I want or need it. I'm grateful for indoor plumbing and the new bathroom that Delaware Opp created for me. I'm grateful for my current TV (soon to be replace by a free bigger and better one!) and for PBS and Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Channel. I'm grateful for Netflix and movies and my computer and email and the internet and YouTube and Google and SKYPE and all the wonders of cyber space - that absurd range from computer games to Healing with the Masters interviews and Dennis Puffett and the tapping lady and email and care2.com and thehungersite.com and Huffington Post. Makes me less of a hermit.  

I'm grateful for chipmunks who pose, for the wonder of green in Spring and Summer and for all the colors of the rainbow, for the orange glow of my Tibetan salt lamps and the electricity that powers them and my computer and TV and toothbrush and so many other things. I'm grateful for words and poetry and literature even though I don't read very much any more and I miss it terribly. I'm grateful for my awesome beautiful nieces and my handsome nephew and that they are  happy and have found people to love who love them back and treat them well. I'm grateful for my great niece and my great nephew, grateful for my late sister who I see in all of them even though they are very much their own unique and magnificent beings.  I'm grateful for music and the joy of singing and listening, for the cool Bose speakers my niece gave me that make listening even more fun and for Pandora radio that exposes me to new music while sharing my favorites. I'm grateful for sight and smell and taste and touch and the wonders of the every day world. I'm grateful that my legs still work even though they seen a touch resentful at times. I'm grateful that I can read and write and that my parents gave me a love of words because they loved them too. There's so much and a lot gets lost in paragraphs. A lot gets lost in lists too. I'm grateful for love, for laughter and for life itself.  Life is good even when it's not so good. 

I Wish You Cute Chipmunks and Beauty 
and Love and All the Wonders of Life

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